4-H, FFA teach important farm lessons

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, September 5, 2017

When it comes to raising livestock for county and state fairs, the projects tend to pay for themselves.

That’s in large part because of community support through the annual 4-H/FFA livestock show and sale.

The show and sale raised thousands of dollars last week to help young farmers learn how to raise and market animals.

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The event allows students to show and auction off animals they raised over the past year, which were used as educational tools and shown at local and regional livestock shows and fair.

The money raised through the sale of the animals helps to fund the educational program through 4-H and FFA, and helps cover costs associated with raising the student’s animal or raising a new one next year.

Although this year’s show and sale were smaller than in the past, previous shows have raised more than $20,000 for the program, which aids developing the next generation of responsible farmers and/or animal owners.

While 4-H and FFA programs focus largely on farming and agriculture, the lessons learned in the program can be utilized in other areas and career paths.

The programs teach local students the responsibilities of agriculture, animal care, business and marketing, sewing, gardening, leadership, robotics, landscaping and much more.

Implementing these skills early on not only has the potential to produce a next generation of economically, ecologically and ethically responsible farmers in Clark County and beyond, but a better equipped workforce.

Thankfully, the community also sees the value in these programs and supports them through their contributions to the annual livestock show and sale.

Those who attend get the opportunity to watch the students in action during the show and then support the program during the sale. If you haven’t seen the great skill, patience and control it takes to show an animal, you have the opportunity at this annual event or at the Clark County Fair.

We have touted the great benefits of the 4-H and FFA programs in the past, but the importance of agriculture is often forgotten. We appreciate the many students who make it a point to gain a better understanding and to the many people who support the program whether as teachers, leaders, volunteers or monetarily through the annual sale.