‘Where’s the Beef?’

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, September 13, 2017

By Jennifer Howard

Some of us can remember a very popular slogan, “Where’s the Beef?”

Today, the meat case is brimming with exciting choices from traditional steaks, roasts and ground beef to new steaks such as the flat iron, ranch and petite tender.

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We need to know the basics of beef and how to read and understand the label to get the most value for our dollar.

When shopping for beef, make the refrigerated meat case the last stop with your shopping cart to ensure beef stays cold as long as possible until you get home.

Choose packages that are cold, tightly and completely wrapped with no tears or punctures.

Be sure the packages do not contain excessive liquid — this can be an indication of problems with temperature or storage.

Choose beef with a bright cherry-red color, without any grayish or brown blotches. A darker purplish-red color is typical of vacuum-packaged beef.

Once exposed to oxygen, beef will turn from a darker red to bright red.

Choose steaks and roasts that are firm to the touch, not soft.

Don’t forget to check the “sell by” date printed on the package label. If you can’t read it or it’s not there, select a different package of beef.

But what about taste? That’s the best part.

Join us at noon Wednesday, Sept. 27 for Basics about Beef.

The Kentucky Beef Council will share how to buy and prepare beef to enhance the tenderness and flavor.

We’ll taste test a couple of great recipes too!

Class size is limited. Call the Extension Office to register no later than Sept. 21.

For more information, contact the Clark County Extension Office at 744-4682 or on the web at http://ces.ca.uky/edu/clark.

Jennifer Howard is the Clark County Extension Agent for family and consumer sciences.