A different view on party voting

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I oppose Mark McCammish’s view of party voting as stated in the newspaper’s letter to the editor. One should try to determine the best candidate. Does Mark blindly accept all things that the Democratic party stands for, like abortion on demand? Would he blindly vote for a candidate because of party affiliation, although the person is a scoundrel?

Mark is pleased to say that he voted for Obama, but shows compassion for low income people. Does he realize that regulations hurt low income people? Regulations are mostly from the Democratic party.

Obama did not care if his regulations could cause electricity bills to skyrocket, and said so. How large a tax would his regulatinq place on a person making $20,000 per year paying $2,000 for electricity if his electricity cost doubled to $4,000? Increased to $6,000? Increased to $8,000? Regulations, hidden taxes, affect Obama and his wealthy contributors little.

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Taxes on goods and services hurt the low income much more than the wealthy. In the above example, what if the person made $15,000 per year? $10,000 per year? Calculate for those incomes and begin to to learn about an upside-down tax system.

Mark implies that only the Republican party  is influenced by big money. Both parties are, Mark. It always has been that way, and likely it always will.

Mark applauds Jim Gray, a Democrat, and others concerning their actions for removal of confederate memorials. Only 384,000 Southeners, out of a population of more than 8 million held slaves in the South in 1860. Who were the voices of most of the 8 million that Jim Gray heard; many of whom had been taxed into a condition worse than that of the plantation slaves?

Lee, a non slave owner, led an army of farmers of small farms, and when he surrendered, he obtained terms for those who brought animals for use in the fight to take them home to work their small farms.

His memorial should be enlarged and include troops from his small, starved, ragged army.

Facts, which have been obscured over time and are hard to find in print, rather than biased opinions should guide one to see that the War of the Rebellion, a.k.a. the “Civil War,”  was not the fairy tale that has been developed.

Demonstrations against Confederate memorials seem to be a stirred up political thing to harm the president. Former NBA player Charles Barkley said that the black people that he knew did not know the memorials were there, and did not care.

Alfred Brown