Perseverance, unity most important on the field

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I am submitting the following letter with permission from another George Rogers Clark High School football parent who has asked to remain anonymous.

There was a high school football game (a couple weeks ago), a big game between arch rivals, voted the game of the week. TV stations, radio stations and so many fans that there was a line stretched out both entrances waiting to get in. If you only watched the plays on the field and the scoreboard, you may have left thinking the Cards lost that game. It was said they lost because they needed to be able to make big plays. The plays I was watching though couldn’t have been any bigger.  

They were making huge plays — unity, faith, love, friendship and perseverance.  They were unified in strength and grief for their teammate who just lost his father unexpectedly. They exemplified faith as they prayed together, with and for their teammate who was in pain and experiencing loss and while holding hands in prayer around another teammate who was experiencing a different type of pain and loss after being injured on the field. These two captains needed their team and they showed out.

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The Cards didn’t lose that game.

They left that field knowing better than ever before that there is a much bigger game of the week occurring each and every week. How they treated each other and their character and their love for one another were some of the biggest plays I’ve ever seen and I don’t think any other team will compare to this team. Perseverance is their game and according to my scoreboard, they won.

James Nisbet