Seeing is believing

Published 9:00 am Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of the top 10 priorities in downtown Winchester’s recently-drafted Downtown Master Plan is increased downtown living.

However, at first glance, it might be hard to imagine that second-floor living is a real possibility in downtown Winchester.

It is obvious that some buildings need a little upkeep and maintenance, but there are many buildings that have been purchased in recent years and rehabilitated for first-floor retail spaces with living quarters upstairs.

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Without seeing these spaces, it would be hard to believe that people have beautiful loft-style apartments above several downtown businesses.

Several local groups have partnered to make people in the community more aware of the real possibility of calling downtown Winchester home.

From 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon, spaces in 25 downtown locations will be open for Winchester’s first Urban Loft Tour.

The buildings on the tour will represent everything from pre-renovation spaces, move-in ready ones and several in between.

Besides living spaces, there are some other hidden gems in downtown Winchester, like ballrooms and a rare piece of street-style art on the wall of one stop on the tour.

And then there are open spaces that would be beneficial for storage or for someone who wants to dream big and make the space something unique and imaginative.

So many of these spaces have been hidden away from the public eye. Besides being full of potential, they are also full of history.

If you are interested in downtown Winchester, whether to live there someday or just to enjoy the historical beauty it has to offer, or maybe you just enjoy learning about the community’s history, we encourage you to take part in this tour.

If you don’t believe that something truly special lies on the second-floor of downtown Winchester, this tour might make the difference.

Seeing is believing, after all.