Property transfers for Oct. 7, 2017

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 23-30, 2017.

— Scott Slocum and Susan Slocum to James D. Smith and Jessica H. Smith, 141 Teal Lane, $275,001.

— Michael S. Frasure and Allison Frasure to Connie R. Antis, 233 E. Broadway St., $120,000.

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— United States of America, U.S. Marshal ad Betty Jo Holbrook to Housit Realty Group, 605 Dixiana Drive, U.S. Marshal deed.

— William W. Jones and Linda L. Jones to Amy E. Kiniry and Ritchie O. Kiniry, 7 Woodland Drive, love and affection.

— Biological Systems Consultants to Robert L. Farney, 140 Log Lick Road, $105,000.

— Federal National Mortgage Association, Robert Beckner Rainey, Angela Rainey and unknown to John F. Kilgore and Rhonda Susan Kilgore, 118 Amiens Blvd., master commissioner sale, $155,000.

— Harold G. Hurst III and Megan L. Gilvin to Ronnie Brown and Luanna Brown, 111 Fitch Ave., $62,500.

— Whitney Pannell, Whitney Jane Wiggins, Richard Pannell, Benjamin J. Hays, Twana Hays, D. Cameron Hays, unknown, Cathering Hays Strechi, Carolyn W. Wiggins, James G. Wiggins, Catherine Wiggins, Seam Witz, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Clark County and Secretary of Finance to Les Dixon, 5 Bel Air Ave., master commissioner sale, $30,000.

— MTGLQ Investors, Jeffery C. Day, Helen R. Day and Capital One Services to MTGLQ Investors, 4495 Boonesboro Road, master commissioner sale, $155,000.

— Jonathon S. Carpenter and Rebecca Thomas to Stephanie Nicole Jones, 319 Essex Court, $104,000.

— Pingora Loan Servicing, Adam Griggs and Adam H. Griggs to Pingora Loan Servicing, 2849 Goshen Road, master commissioner sale, $80,000.

— Thomas C. Haley and Linda S. Haley to Robert L. Dycus, 200 College St., $210,000.

— John Wilson Properties to Jordan Councilor and Jennifer Councilor, 714 Concord Ave., $216,500.

— Jeffrey Stuart Morgan to Gregory Allen Thompson, 4875 Boonesboro Road, $58,000.

— Jessica A. Gousha and Allen Ray Sarven to Nick S. Godsey Jr. and Donna M. Trester Godsey, 629 Westmeade Drive, $137,000.

— Patsy Watts, Kim Casebolt and Kimberly Casebolt to Kimberly Casebolt, 300 April Way, love and affection.

— Edward Dean Gross and Josie L. Gross to Christopher M. Givens, 8170 Iron Works Road, $49,900.

— Jerry L. Thornberry and Glenn H. Thornberry and Velna P. Thornberry revocable trust to Jerry L. Thornberry, Larry D. Thornberry, Dina L. Flynn, Deborah T. McIntosh, Brian L. Thornberry, Michael H. Thornberry, Jay Douglas Thornberry Jr. and Amanda McFadden, property on Lexington Avenue.

— Jerry L. Thornberry and Glenn H. Thornberry and Velna P. Thornberry revocable trust to Jerry L. Thornberry, 1308 W. Lexington Ave., beneficiary of trust.

— A.G. White to Akers Properties and Development, 870 Van Meter Road, $165,000.

— John Paul Frasher and Virginia M. Frasher to Autumn D. Allison and John G. Allison, 856 McClure Road, $164,500.

— Nelson Enterprise LLC to Osiris Investment, 4697 Revilo Road.

— Michael D. Huff and Pamela Harris Huff to Stonebridge Farm Trust and trustee Robert E. Courtney Jr., 645 Combs Ferry Road, $620,000.

— Winsted Reo II to Ronald Lawrence Humphrey Jr. and Casey Elizabeth Humphrey, 12 Dudley St, $74,001.

— Kevin D. Richardson and Laura M. Richardson to John Matthew Siders, Tara Siders and Marvyn Siders, 2395 Becknerville Road, $485,000.

— Stephen Ray Craycraft and Dana Craycraft to Brian L. Shelley, 108 Arlington Road, $82,000.