It’s time for all to be held accountable

Published 9:51 am Thursday, October 12, 2017

By Will Collins

I have talked openly about people being held accountable for their actions; not so much in a demeaning manner but more in line with using common sense judgment. It may not always come across that way but it is certainly my intention.

The main problem I see is when individuals, groups and even businesses are not held responsible for their actions and  the cost of such is spread amongst those that were not even involved.

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It becomes a “double whammy” all of which ends negatively.

I’m sure everyone remembers the wild fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, just last year. I use the term “wild fires” loosely, considering how they were started by a few minors thinking nothing of what they were doing and the possible consequences of their actions. In the end, more than a dozen people lost their lives and billions of dollars in damages occurred.

I was at my parents’ home in Tennessee last weekend. While  watching the news, I learned many residents of the area are facing with higher water and electric bills because the cost of continued repairs are being passed on to the citizens. Meanwhile, all charges against those starting the fire have been dropped.

This column is not intended to point blame on the individuals who started the devastation to the area, but to bring to the forefront that the innocent people living there are faced with a “taxation” with a lack of justice. No, holding the minors responsible wouldn’t change a thing, but at least some common sense judgment would be present.

We also hear a lot about scams that are going on, deceiving people out of their money. They promise certain services, prizes, rewards and some even claim a life or death situation is upon them; any way they can trick people out of some cash.

Instances such as this are practiced amongst businesses, but because of the way it is done, it is considered legal.

When we donate money to the Wounded Warrior Project, the Humane Society, the American Cancer Society and many others, too much of the funds are used inappropriately. We always learn about it later. How is this any different than “scamming?”

In too many cases, the corporate leaders responsible for the wrongdoing are eventually terminated, but given a lofty pension to help them with their grief. Yes, sometimes we see major cases lead to prosecution, but those instances don’t occur enough. Can we have some responsibility and accountability please?   

We live in a capitalistic, free enterprise system, but that does not mean free for the taking. It happens in many different ways, but I’m here to say that your money is not my money. You worked hard for it, I’m glad for you because you earned it.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” Very well said.

Political enthusiast Will Collins is a lifelong resident of Kentucky and has called Winchester his home for the past 20 years. He can be reached at