Accessibility, convenience make big difference

Published 9:40 am Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sometimes lack of accessibility or even inconvenience can prohibit people from doing things they love.

In all areas of life and the community, it is important that we explore options to make things more accessible for everyone.

For most, a stop at the public library would be simple. But for many others, taking the time to stop and select books can be difficult.

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Whether it be someone with a physical disability or even a mom with a house full of young children, sometimes making a trip to the library can be time-consuming or just impossible.

Accessibility and convenience could mean the difference between picking up a new book and spending quality time reading or not.

Thankfully, the Clark County Public Library has taken the time and energy to not only explore ways to make reading and the library more accessible to everyone but has put the plan in action.

Clark County readers can now collect their items from the county library without leaving the comfort of their vehicle.

Earlier this month, the Clark County Public Library debuted curbside delivery service, where patrons can request books or other items online through the library’s website. At the appointed pickup time, a library employee will bring the requested items out to the car.

The process is easy using the library’s website, After clicking the Books to Go tab on the home page, first-time users will fill out a reader-interest form to let staff know specific areas of interest for books or DVDs.

Patrons can request specific items or let the staff choose, based on the reader’s interests.

The process can also be done over the phone by calling 744-5661 and choosing option 2.

When the items are ready, a staff member will call to schedule a pick-up time, and then bring them to the vehicle when patrons arrive.

The library is a community gem that is funded by tax dollars. The many programs, books, movies, local history items and other materials are valuable assets to individuals and the community.

Some people may have been missing out on all the library has to offer because they couldn’t or didn’t want to go inside. For everyone from a parent of a newborn to a person with a mobility issue, individuals with social anxiety or even someone who is just in a hurry after a busy day at work, this service will open the doors of the library and the world of reading to more people in Clark County.

Furthermore, this initiative is one that proves great things can happen if we are just willing to think outside the box — or outside the four walls of our workplace.

We commend the library staff for making this fantastic public entity open to anyone and everyone.