Earley: The cutest grandchildren ever

Published 9:45 am Friday, October 20, 2017

I have six grandchildren. They are the cutest grandchildren ever. Don’t believe me? Ask to see some pictures.

I have them with me wherever my phone goes. That’s what grandparents get to do. It is one of the great perks that goes with the whole grandparent experience. Today, I share some thoughts on being a grandparent.

First, some things not to do. Don’t criticize your children’s parenting. Nothing is more demeaning to your adult child. My wife and I have held tight to this, and we have been overjoyed how often our kids call us up, and ask us for advice in parenting. Even then we try to only share what worked and what didn’t work for us.

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Don’t invade your kids’ lives, and live through your grandkids. Grandparents don’t get to do whatever they want with age. Respect your kids personal and family privacy, and give them space to be their own family.

There are probably many other things we shouldn’t do as grandparents, but they are the same things we shouldn’t do as parents. I want to share some thoughts about things we can do (Note: I have not done all these things. I have a life God has planned for me to live serving Him, and I don’t want to make my grandkids an idol).

— Look for opportunities to spend one-on-one time with your grandkids. If you start this for one of the grandkids, make sure you do it with all of them, so they don’t think you are playing favorites. The younger you start doing this the more you gain their respect, and the more God can open doors as they grow older to share encouragement that will mean more, blessings that will empower more, and advice that will be received more.

— Build into the things you enjoy doing, so you can share the things you love with them. Be careful to remember not to get impatient if they don’t fall in love with your passions easily. Teach them to love what you love, and don’t feel rejected if it just doesn’t work for them. My wife and I are looking forward to starting Grandparents Camp when the grandkids are old enough. As a scout leader I love camp, and I want to share my passion for the camp experience with them. What do you love to do that you can share with your grandkids?

— Share a blessing with your grandkids. As a part of Grandparents Camp, we will of course have at least one campfire. My wife and I will pray about each child, and ask the Lord to help us write a blessing for each. Then at the campfire we will share those blessings. We all know how often children hear insults, curses, and teasing. I want the years of blessings to build in their lives so they have the self-confidence to not let those lies become truth in their lives.

— Look for opportunities to share your faith with your grandkids in a way that is acceptable to their parents. In II Timothy 2:5 we read, “I am reminded of your sincere faith,  which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice  and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” When the grandkids spend the night, have a children’s Bible available to read to them. Take the kids to your church if their parents are not going to church and give you permission. Tell your stories of faith to them when the opportunities arise.

— Pray with and for your grandkids. As soon as each one was born my wife and I started praying they would have a Biblical saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To that we added the second most important decision they would one day make, we prayed they would find the spouse God had already destined them to marry. A great faith and a great marriage. If they get these right, then God can guide them through all of life victoriously.

There are so many ways we can impact our grandkids lives. Get on the internet and do more research, and see if you can improve on this list, or find new ideas I didn’t think of. Whatever you find to do to enrich your grandkids lives do so to the glory of God.

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