Shop the library’s book sale this weekend

Published 8:58 am Monday, November 20, 2017

Black Friday?

Nope, Book Friday.

Book lovers rejoice!

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The library’s fourth annual Black Friday Book Sale happens this coming Friday, Nov. 23, and Saturday, Nov. 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

The library’s Book Friday Sale is a reader’s dream.

There will be thousands of books for sale for only $3 a bag. You read that right — $3 for a bag of books.

We give you the bag, a regulation grocery-sized bag, you fill it as full and as tight as you can, and only pay $3 for it at the check out desk. Fill as many bags as you like for $3 each.

For $10 to $15, you can buy wonderful holiday gifts for all your family and friends.

There will be thousands of books to buy. Thousands of adult books, fiction and nonfiction. Thousands of children’s books, fiction and nonfiction. Adult books will be displayed in the Rose Mary Codell Brooks Community Room. Children’s books will be displayed in the Alice P. Tucker Board Room.

All of the books have been either donated to the library by patrons or they are books that have been weeded from the library’s collection. So, there will be contemporary and classic fiction, and books on every subject from astronomy to zoology — something for every taste and interest.

This will be the best book sale ever because library circulation managers Lynn Wills and Caleb Diederich have been culling the best books and winnowing damaged and dirty books for the past year.

This year’s book sale will also feature Lisa John’s, Central Kentucky’s best reader advisor.

Got a picky reader on your holiday list, looking for your next favorite novel? Talk to Lisa, or to any of the people working the book sale.

The Clark County Public Library is known for its friendly, helpful staff and the book sale crew is just as magnificent.

The volumes for sale this weekend will be worth much more than $3 a bag, but the Clark County Public library is committed to getting people to read.

Held the day after Thanksgiving, the Book Friday Book Sale allows you to feast on good literature and great non-fiction for the rest of 2017 and well into 2018.

All proceeds from the sale go to fund the library’s 2018 Children’s Summer Reading Program and will be used to buy books that will be given away as prizes. It’s a great program that keeps Clark County children reading during the summer and entertained with wonderful educational events.

So, come to the library this Friday and Saturday for the best book sale of the year and help fund a spectacular summer program for Clark County kids.

If you have any questions about the sale, call the library at 744-5661 and ask for Lynn Wills or Caleb Diederich.

Limber up before you get there, you don’t want to sprain anything carrying out those packed bags.

Please remember that the library will be closed Wednesday and Thursday this week for Thanksgiving. Because of that, there will be no Kentucky Picture Show this week or Trivia Night at the Engine House Pizza Pub.

If you have family or friends in town, bring them to the library to see the art and crafts exhibits by Rose Swope, Joyce Thompson and Cora Barrett. Lots of families also like to tour our local history collection for genealogical information or to reminisce.

Have a lovely and yummy Thanksgiving.

May the wishbone break your way.

John Maruskin is director of adult services at the Clark County Public Library. He can be reached at