Attitude & gratitude: Baker WEB students prepare lesson for fifth graders

Published 8:07 am Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sixth-grade Baker Intermediate students in the WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program met Monday afternoon to prepare a lesson for new fifth graders on attitudes for success.

Th WEB program pairs new fifth grade students at Baker with sixth graders who help them to acclimate to the new school and offer support throughout the year, according to sixth-grade teacher Renee Ware.

At the beginning of the school year, WEB leaders took fifth graders on tours of Baker, introduced them to teachers, administrators and staff at the school and offered to be a resource for them as the year went on.

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Since then, WEB leaders check in on their students each month, sometimes doing academic lessons and sometimes just spending time with the younger students during recess.

Ware and her students practiced the lesson Monday afternoon before working with the fifth graders on it this morning.

The lesson on attitude involved several components, Ware said. Students led discussions about how perspective affects attitude, took part in an activity involving balloons and read “The Balloon Man,” a story about a boy who enjoys playing basketball despite the fact that one of his arms is crippled.

“WEB leaders then direct students to focus on what they can do and what they have to be grateful for,” Ware said. “There is a writing activity that involves gratitude, and that concludes the lesson.”

She said the goal of the project is to show that attitude depends on how one chooses to look at their life and what response they have.