Nov. 25 Property transfers

Published 9:00 am Saturday, November 25, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Nov. 13-18, 2017.

— Julia B. Hannan and Charles M. Hannan to Deborah Parsons Castle, 119 Amiens Blvd., $268,000.

— Bobbie J. Evans and Richard Evans to Brittany Yetto, 222 Big Stoner Road, $194,500.

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— Lakeview Loan Servicing, Mabel A. Smith and Mabel Allene Smith to Lakeview Loan Servicing, 37 Ashland Ave., master commissioner sale, $43,400.

— US Bank Trust, Patrick Sean Adkins, Jennifer Paige Adkins, Jennifer P. Mahan, Paige Mahan, Wells Fargo Bank, Wells Fargo Financial Bank and Household Finance Corp. II to US Bank Trust, 2198 Goshen Road, master commissioner sale, $150,000.

— Anthony J. Slone to Don E. Biberstine and Donna R. Bibenstine, 405 Corinne Court, $36,000.

— Elmer L. Shuler and Eva L. Shuler to Jimmy Wallen and Leigh Wallen, 201 Chardonay Court, $215,000.

— N Law Investments to Forrest McCord and Timothy Crowe, 337 S. Burns Ave., $1, 300,000.

— W. Littrell Builder LLC to Craig Taylor, 106 Mayfair Court, $150,000.

— Louis Black to Kadi D. Simmons, 203 Devonshire Drive, $93,000.

— Ronald C. Darbyshire, Whitney Darbyshire and Whitney Montgomery to Carlton Campbell, Charles Campbell III and Brenda Campbell, 427 Paisley Court, $124,000.

— Matthew Lee Montgomery to Gerald Dean Keller and Brenda Estes Keller, 295 Quisenberry Lane, $175,000.

— Lemois A. Bailey to Heather Nicole Warner and James Oliver Warner Jr., 19 Poplar Drive, love and affection.

— Michael Carl Goldy to Jim Haddix and Joann Haddix, 532 Constitution Drive, $28,000.

— Lola M. Green to Larry Holder, 7 Sylvania Ave., love and affection.

— Bank of America, Linda Lou Ward, United States of America and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America, 16 Ashland Ave., master commissioner sale, $45,425.

— Curtis M. Green and Doris P. Green to Duane M. Green and Amy G. Green, 1257 Irvine Road, love and affection.

— MPG Real Estate to Vision Builders and Contracting, 127 Woodford Drive, $22,000.

— John W. Griffith and Tammy A. Griffith to N Law Investments, 1427 and 1429 Westwood Drive, $137,500.

— WJA Inc. to N Law Investments, four properties on Westwood Drive, $275,000.

— Mansea LLC to N Law Investments, 23 properties on Westwood Drive, $2,062,500.

— Martha Clare Sipple and Harry Garfield Enoch to Brenda F. Salyers, 362 S. Main St., $99,000.

— Taylor Arnett III and Stephanie Marie Arnett to Della C. Taulbee, 32 Hiawatha Trail, $105,000.

— David M. Haggard Sr. to Mila Jo Ensor, 208 Breeze Hill Drive, $44,000.

— Betty Damrel to Raymond S. Hisle and Luanne S. Hisle, 306 April Way, $142,000.

— Scott Shelton, Rodrick Shelton estate, Amanda Sinclair, Lutcher Sinclair, David Shelton, Melissa Cravens, Travis Cravens, John Shelton and Christy Shelton to Kevin Irvin Kidder and Angela Lynn Kidder, 310 Silverton Way, $126,000.

— Margaret Beatty as executrix of Elizabeth Franklin estate to City of Winchester, 141 W. Washington St., $1,500.

— John Raymond Ashley and Betty J. Ashley to Jessie James Cleavenger and Amanda Ray Ayers, 216 Inverness Lane, $180,000.

— George Foster Ball and Amy Jo Ball to Christie Loucinda Jones, Christie Jones, William Jason Seiring and Jason Seiring, 480 Jones Nursery Road, love and affection.

— Ruth Chesnut to Brian Chesnut, 1800 Log Lick Road, quitclaim.

— Kayla Whiteley and Shawn M. Epperson to Ronald C. Darbyshire and Whitney D. Darbyshire, 407 Hanover court, $159,000.

— Littrell Homes to Randy L. Rison and Nova Rison, 112 Dorset Lane, $27,500.

— Reverse Mortgage Solutions to Garry Milton Real Estate, 35 Skylark Drive, $163,500.

— Della W. Oaks estate and Richard Lewis Miller to Housit Realty Group, Woodford Estates, $199,100.

— Benjamin J. Hays and Twana M. Hays to HPW Properties, 22 and 24 First St., $6,000.

— Vickie Sue Curtis, Linville Kevin Strange, Vivion Ann Johnson and Linda Jean Anderson to James Rison, 2 Navajo Trail, $12,000.

— Lowell Thomas Shimfessel and Stacy Michelle Shimfessel to Mitchell G. Roe and Emma Kathy C. Roe, 284 Rose Drive, $225,000.

— Clarence Holmes and Charles Holmes to Housit Realty Group, 166 Hilltop Drive, $36,000.