Letters for Dec. 13, 2017

Published 12:36 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2017

‘Thanks’ from The Winchester Chorale

The Winchester Chorale members would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended our holiday concerts this year. We were honored to share the sounds of the season and our love of music with you. We want to say a special “thank you” to First Christian Church for all they did to facilitate our practices and concerts and for their tremendous hospitality in providing such a lovely reception for us and our guests on Sunday afternoon.

We are truly blessed to have the support of such a wonderful, generous community!

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We wish each of you peace, love and joy as we celebrate the season and move into a new year.

Angie Odor

The Winchester Chorale

Laws should be for all

Please allow me to be facetious for a moment. Why do we, the general public, have to use our turn signals when law enforcement does not? I can’t count how many times I have seen the aforementioned people not using their turn signals, and nine out of 10 times, they are on their cell phones.

There should be an ordinance or policy that while they are working, officers will not be on their phones. If there is an emergency at home, the people can call the appropriate departments on non-emergency numbers. The above agencies do not include just the local officers, but also state police and other government employees in state-owned vehicles. As with the civilian population, nothing can be that important.

If the law enforcement personnel were charged the same fines and court costs as we, the civilians are, the state would be in the black in six months.

Glenn Powell


Keep Winchester clean

I know there is a great push to revitalize downtown Winchester and I applaud everyone that is involved in that. Our city is such a beautiful place and deserves to be brought back to what it was when I was growing up — the hub of everything that went on.

However, if you drive about four blocks north from downtown Winchester, there is a mess that makes that part of Main Street look so bad. I am talking about the corner of North Main Street and Sycamore Street. People have dumped trash, furniture, garbage bags, etc. there and it breaks my heart when I see this when I travel out Main Street.

I don’t know if the house there on that corner is lived in or not, nor do I know who owns the property, but someone should be responsible to clean the trash up.

If we have guests in downtown Winchester, and they travel towards the interstate on Main Street, they have to pass this unsightly pile.

I hope our city fathers, or whomever is in charge, can contact the property owner or residents and ask them to clean this up. It makes me so mad to see people dump trash anywhere they want and get away with it.

Let’s keep Winchester clean.

Mary Alice Sosby