Property transfers for Dec. 18, 2017

Published 6:10 pm Monday, December 18, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ran Gar Investments, 309 Maryland Ave., $78,025.

— Calvary Christian Church to Twin Oaks Subdivision, 1711 Boonesboro Road, $825,000.

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— Kelly McQueen to Robert McQueen, 319 White Turley Road, dissolution of marriage.

— Ran Gar Investments to Jan Scott Causey and Wendy G. Causey, 326 Cabin Creek Road, $315,000.

— Gerald Johnson and Lannie Johnson to Kevin M. Akers and Latisha A. Akers, 130 Hawthorne Drive, $247,500.

— Della C. Taulbee to Kevin Lyman Mehlberg and Charlotte Sue Mehlberg, 3327 Mina Station road, $85,000.

— Nathan A. Aldridge and Eileen A. Aldridge to Phillip C. Dooley, 420 Harney Drive, $143,000.

— Donald Nash estate, William Watkins Jr., US Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Clark County and Central Bank and Trust to Gordon B. Long and Carolyn S. Long, 5405 Irvine Road, US Marshal deed.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Louis Baldwin, 25 N. Burns Ave., $30,700.

— Howard Overhead Doors to Paul W. Richardson III and Sherry M. Richardson, 27 N. Main St., distribution of corporate assets.

— Bessie C. Morris to Bobby D. Morris, two tracts, love and affection.

— Carol Sudduth Codell, Johanne Codell Daigh, George Michael Daigh, Catherine Codell Edwards and Harkness Edwards III to Anna Laura Codell, 3686 Combs Ferry Road, love and affection.

— Jason Chadwick Jones and Beth A. Jones to Glen Wesley Crowe and Jessica Lynn Crowe, 2 Pocahontas Trail, $40,000.

— James L. Misbet to Paul Richard Beach and Marjorie R. Beach, 15 Manor Drive, $280,000.

— Carl L. Satterly and Janet E. Satterly to Alyson Layne Davidson and Matthew Davidson, 261 S. Main St., $210,000.

— Perry D. Browning and Sherrye Browning to Zeldon Angel, 1950 Pilot View Road, $105,000.

— Nevin Scott Goebel and Tracey Ruth Goebel to Mark D. Gaylord and Ruth A. Gaylord, 505 Old Log Lick Road, $140,000.

— Christopher Frasure and Amanda Frasure to Thomas E. Smith and Judith P. Smith, 1153 Cabin Creek Road, $147,000.

— Brian England and Jamie Baxter to Saba Properties, 235 Carolina Ave..

— Stephanie Potter Merritt, Perry Merritt, Alvery Clark Potter III, Angela Potter Runyon and Ronnie Runyon to Nicholas E. Pannell and Sarah B. Pannell, 1320 Sewell Shop Road, $56,000.

— T@J Associates to Richard Burris and Melissa G. Burris, 1496 Log Lick Road, $153,500.

— Carolyn Young to Shane A. Hubbard, 3639 Old Boonesboro Road, $10.

— Kenneth W. Hukle and Cathyleen Hukle to Linville Case and Sharon Case, 41 Franklin Ave., $65,000.

— Les Dixon, Angelia Dixon, David Brookshire, Dana Brookshire and Dixon & Brookshire to Jonathan Dawson, 10 Kentucky St., $107,000.

— Stephen R. Taylor to HWP Properties, 303 W. Washington St., $7,000.

— Fairholme Ventures to Christian Alex Belcher and Dena L. Mastrean, 419 Fairholme Way, $299,000.

— Joyce Hatton and Dorothy Elizabeth Foster estate to Jessica Foster, Daniel G. Considine and Brenda K. Considine, 2342 Iron Works Road, $47,250.

— Maribeth C. Rowland to Maribeth C. Rowland and James Clay Rowland, 4016 McClure Road.