Looking back important for moving forward

Published 9:00 am Thursday, December 28, 2017


s this year winds to a close, the topic of much conversation will turn to resolving to do better or be better in 2018.

Most everyone will set some goals of various types and degrees for the forthcoming year. Those goals might involve letting go of some things or holding on to others.

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Many will resolve to lose weight. Others will set out to save money. Some will decide this is the year to clean out the closets and get rid of some clutter. Other goals might include getting organized, perfecting the art of time management, donating more time or money to charitable causes, spending more time with family or friends, accomplishing more at work, traveling more … the list goes on.

All are worthy goals with different end results in mind, but all have one thing in common (if not several). In order to accomplish these things, we must look back at the last year (or years) and discover what it was that kept us from reaching these goals already.

Were we eating too much chocolate or drinking too much soda? Have we over-committed ourselves to causes that take us out of our homes and away from our families? Are we spending too much money on luxury expenses that are prohibiting our savings accounts from growing? Do we lack the ability to let go of things that end up crowding our homes?

Whatever the goal, there are likely things we have each done this year that have prohibited our personal growth.

But if we apply this same concept to our community, we can also discover that over the past 362 days there are things we could have done better to move us further in the direction of being a great place to live, work and play.

Winchester and Clark County have accomplished a lot this year. We have welcomed new businesses, given freely to our neighbors in need, established programs to meet our various community needs, met together to talk about our challenges and made great strides in breaking down barriers that divide us.

While we have much to be proud of in our community, 2017 also proved that, as with any community, there is much still to do. Our community struggled with crime, violence and drugs, among other things — particularly, our young population has been hit hard by the realities of these in recent months.

Each year, The Sun takes the opportunity to revisit some of the most important stories. In our annual Year In Review, we take a month-by-month look at just some of things that happened in our community this year. Those are stories of all types — some joyful and celebratory, others full of sadness and loss.

Regardless, just as with any individual goal, it is important that as we prepare to embark on a new year together, we look back at the things that shaped our community. What things happened this year that brought Winchester-Clark County to where we are today?

We ask that our readers take a part in collecting these stories. Email us at news@winchestersun.com to tell us what stories stood out to you this year. What happened in Clark County that you think needs to be recalled as we prepare for a new year? What photos caught your eye? Tell us and we might include your comments and suggestions in our special Year in Review that will appear in Saturday’s Sun.

We wish you luck in all your goals and endeavors next year.