Our view: Comp plan was needed improvement

Published 8:08 am Friday, January 12, 2018

When it comes to solving any problem, the process taken almost always correlates directly with the results. We certainly feel that is the case with the county’s overhaul of its pay plan.

After nearly three years of analysis and discussion, the Clark County Fiscal Court approved the first reading of its new compensation plan Wednesday.

The fiscal court and a committee have worked hard to establish a system that they believe makes issuing longevity and annual pay increases for county employees an objectively measurable process rather than a subjective one.

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Each job within county government is now assigned to a pay grade, with minimum and maximum salaries. Within each grade are 40 steps, each equal to about 1 percent, for annual increases.

Several months ago, we urged the fiscal court to revisit this issue as the proposed plan still seemed to leave some room for interpretation and we felt created confusion among employees and managers.

We have to believe that the unanimous support by the magistrates means these issues have been ironed out. We hope this plan will also allow the county to be competitive when it comes to hiring and keeping top-caliber employees.

We applaud the hard work and commitment the committee showed as well as their determination to incorporate the opinions of all six magistrates and Judge-Executive Henry Branham.

It is this collaborative and open approach that will make this system work.

The process may have been long and arduous, but the results make all the effort worthwhile.