‘Mama’ honored for commitment to patients

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2018

CRMC staff honors co-workers for 37 years dedication

For the past 37 years, “Mama Plummer” has been administering knowledge, care and compassion to her “family” of coworkers and patients at Clark Regional Medical Center.

The 68-year-old registered nurse and lead house coordinator received a dose of her own medicine Monday.

Linda Plummer, affectionately known by all as Mama or Mammie, dabbed the tears from eyes as she was overcome with emotion when surprised by her peers during a staff meeting at the hospital.

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She was presented with flowers, a personalized quilt and a video presentation sharing the kind words of her colleagues, many of whom she has helped raise, both literally and figuratively. This was a way for the staff to say thank you for all she has contributed to the hospital for the better part of four decades.

“I have no words to thank you all for this,” she said, surrounded by friends and family, many of whom snuck into the room without her even noticing as she was so focused on what the rest of her day would hold.

“I will tell you, what really keeps me going is the Lord. I pray all the time,” Linda said. “And then the love I feel. I love my patients. I love the people in our community, in Clark County. I want to give them the best care I can.”

This was actually the first of two celebrations this week as Linda and her husband, Richard, will celebrate 50 years of marriage Saturday.

Linda started as a patient care technician in 1981 and became a registered nurse two years later.

Through all the changes, she has been there ever since.

“We have some great leadership at Clark Regional. And the services we now offer,” she said. “I cannot tell you wonderful this hospital is for the community.”

Even on her special day, “Mama” showed the commitment to patients that her coworkers say inspires them every time.

“You are all my friends and I love you,” Linda said. “Now, let’s get to work.”