Baldwin: More movies to cure Olympic fever

Published 9:18 am Friday, February 23, 2018

Greetings, my fellow competitive cinephiles of Winchester!

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea, are already coming to a close this upcoming weekend with the United States showing its athletic prowess once again on the world’s stage.

The Winter Olympics takes place every four years and the first of these snow weathered events took place in 1924 in France. Oui, oui! The modern day Olympics which we have come to know over the years found its inspiration from the original Olympic Games which took place in Athens, Greece from 8 B.C. to 4 A.D. Opa!

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With the closing ceremony approaching, you may be ice logged from this year’s games and counting the days till spring; or you are caught up in the “Passion. Connected.” frenzy, drama and excitement of the sporting festivities yearning for it to go a little bit longer.

If you have Olympic fever, then the following sports themed films should make your withdrawal for the addiction of televised curling easier to cope with.

“Blades of Glory” (2007) is the popular comedy starring Will “Anchorman” Ferrell and Jon “Napoleon Dynamite” Heder as two Olympic ice skaters who’s ongoing jealousy and rivalry finds them both being banned but later be brought together as a pairs team to go for the gold.

At times hilarious and others crude, it is a funny movie but not one to share with the kiddies due to mature content though it has a PG-13 rating.

For new Ferrell fans this is a must and for those who have not yet seen the quirky comedy, “Napoleon Dynamite,” you are doing your life a great disservice by not yet seeing this contemporary comedy classic.

“Ice Castles” (1978) is a romantic drama starring Lynn-Holly Johnson as Lexi, a young determined ice skater determined to make her name as a world class swan on the ice.

Life happens when tragedy strikes Lexi and we struggle with her to overcome bleak circumstances in order to hold onto her dream with the love and support of her friends and family.

“Ice Castles” will stir your emotions and melt your heart or your castle if it’s made of ice. If you do have a castle, please contact me as I’d love to see it before you melt it.

Disney’s “Miracle” (2004) is a biographical flick of the 1980 underdog U.S. Olympic hockey team and their battle on the ice against the powerful Russians.

Starring Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks, the U.S. player turned coach who inspired, challenged, and molded his young team to be the best they could be for their country, their team, and themselves.

This singular event in 1980 was more than just a hockey game in the eyes of both nations. It was a power play of who was the dominant super power of the ongoing Cold War. A modern day Clash of the Titans.

Saving the best for last, “Cool Runnings” (1993) is a heart-filled comedy starring legendary funnyman John Candy as a washed-up bobsled coach who reluctantly agrees to train failed sprinters for a chance to compete in the Olympics on the first ever Jamaican bobsled team.

Through their trials and tribulations in learning their new sport, the team and coach grow together while dealing with their group dynamic and working through the stages of storming, forming and norming as they become a cohesive unit.

Laughed at and rejected, the team members keep fighting through adversity just to can say they gave their all at the opportunity provided.

So suit up and hit the slopes or take in more Olympic games followed by closing ceremonial cinema to feed your competitive spirit. Remember you don’t have to be an athlete to go for the gold, you just have to give your all in everything you do.

Showing up each day with your game face on no matter what is being thrown your way is what makes one succeed. Life is like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Have a film-tastic day!

Rick Baldwin is a writer, filmmaker and film/music historian. He is president of the Winchester-Clark County Film Society ( Find more from Rick on Facebook at and online at He is on Twitter @rickbaldwin79 and can be reached by email at