Our View: Growing pains are worth it for mission of soccer league

Published 9:43 am Friday, February 23, 2018

Growth and expansion are critical challenges every community faces when it comes to progress.

Handling it wisely creates an entirely different set of obstacles.

We feel the Winchester Board of Commissioners did the latter in granting Winchester Youth Soccer League permission to expand, but with a controlled approach.

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The commission opted to approve construction of a storage building, which will pave the way for the much-needed concession stand and restrooms in the only existing structure on the site, and also gave their blessing to at least a temporary solution when it comes to soccer practice fields.

The board did not allow them to move forward with additional parking in part because some of the original components had not yet been met.

We appreciate and understand the concerns of property owners who didn’t want anything to change from the original agreement put in place almost a decade ago.

We all know, however,  much has changed over the past 10 years. As a youth sport, soccer his taken off across the country.

Clark County is no different, with the Winchester league having nearly doubled to now include more than 500 children players.

We are glad the city’s planning and zoning commission work to make sure this proposal complied with the city’s master plan before giving it their blessing. That goes a long way.

At some point we hope the soccer league and the city take a long, hard look at expanding VanMeter Road as it is narrow and dangerous.

Expansion is always going to be difficult to predict and will have some impact on property owners, but we feel this change is minimal, in this particular case, from where it’s at right now.

Most importantly, this change will allow WYSL to continue its mission of not only keeping children in our community active, but teaching lessons about cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership and more through the league. Some growing pains are worth furthering that mission.