Our View: Rehab project about making steady progress

Published 10:00 am Monday, March 5, 2018

How do you revitalize a city? A good start is looking toward an old proverb that offers guidance on tackling tasks that can seem insurmountable.

You’ve probably heard it: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

That is exactly the approach the city of Winchester is taking when it comes to the Lincoln Street project.

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This effort to renovate and rebuild one of the city’s most run-down blocks received a huge boost last week after the state awarded a $1 million community development block grant.

We applaud city leaders for the hard work and preparation. These grant dollars would have surely gone elsewhere without a solid plan and a strong foundation.

In the total scope of the project, up to 30 properties would be involved, including a number of vacant or abandoned homes.

Most of the structures would be demolished, though a few may be able to be brought up to code.

Property lines would be redrawn to bring lot sizes up to current standards and the city will attempt to widen the road to be a true two-lane thoroughfare. Habitat for Humanity would also help build seven new single-family homes on the street.

This will remove blighted properties, eliminate eyesore and, most importantly, add more quality housing opportunities for those in need.

The city will then build on this effort, radiating out farther and farther into the community.

It starts with one block. That becomes one street. Before you know it, the change has grown to an entire neighborhood.

That’s how a city transforms itself, one “bite” at a time.