Clark 4-H’ers compete at state skillathon

Published 9:16 am Thursday, March 8, 2018

By Heather Cassill

Clark County 4-H

Youth have been learning a variety of general livestock knowledge relating to swine, sheep, goats and beef cattle. The contest is divided into three categories: identification, evaluation and quiz/quality assurance.

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Individual and team awards are given in each category and then added up to award overall honors. Youth are divided into Clover (9-11), Intermediate (12-13) and Senior (14-18) age groups.

In identification, youth are asked to identify breeds, retail meat cuts, equipment and feed samples. Hay and retail meat cuts are judged in the evaluation portion.  Youth are then quizzed on general livestock information and asked to complete team problems in quality assurance and livestock breeding scenarios.

The program is open to any youth that wants to learn about livestock animals. Some of the youth are growing up on farms and have animals of their own and some of our youth choose to participate to learn more about livestock so they can eventually use this information towards a career in agriculture or become a veterinarian. We are proud of our youth and thank you to coach Sara Evans.


– Clover Team One: Jason Garrison, Winston Jones, Henrich Lemmon and Malaki Watts

– Clover Team Two: Heidi Castle, Maddy Palmer and Olivia Warner

– Clover Individual Evaluation: eighth Maliki Watts

– Clover Individual Identification: 18th Jason Garrison, 25th Olivia Warner

– Clover Individual Quality Assurance/Quiz: 18th Olivia Warner, 25th Heidi Castle

– Clover Individual Overall: 19th Olivia Warner, 23rd Jason Garrison

– Cover Team Evaluation: 11th Team One, 12th Team Two

– Clover Team Identification: 12th Team One, 15th Team Two

– Clover Team Quality Assurance and Quiz: eighth Team one, 13th Team Two

– Clover Overall Team: ninth Team One; 13th Team Two

– Intermediate Team: Charlie Castle, Ann McCreary, Mason McLemore and Olivia Puckett

– Intermediate Individual Evaluation: sixth Ann McCreary, 18th Olivia Puckett, 20th mason McLemore

– Intermediate Individual Identification: 22nd Ann McCreary, 23rd Mason McLemore

– Intermediate Individual Quality Assurance/Quiz: third Mason McLemore, 18th Charlie Castle

– Intermediate Individual Overall: 16th Ann McCreary, 17th Mason McLemore

– Intermediate Team Evaluation: fourth

– Intermediate Team Identification: sixth

– Intermediate Team Quality Assurance and Quiz: fourth

– Intermediate Overall Team: sixth

– Senior Team: Austin Clark, Cienna Lemmon and Grace Stokley

– Senior Individual Evaluation: 15th Cienna Lemmon

– Senior Individual Identification: 18th Cienna Lemmon, 19th Austin Clark

– Senior Individual Quality Assurance/Quiz: 14th Cienna Lemmon, 23rd Grace Stokley

– Senior Individual Overall: 14th Cienna Lemmon, 21st Austin Clark

– Senior Team Evaluation: eighth

– Senior Team Identification: seventh

– Senior Team Quality Assurance and Quiz: fifth

– Senior Overall Team: eighth.

To learn more about this program and other Clark County 4-H programs, contact the Clark County Cooperative Extension Office at 744-4682.