WMU to begin flushing hydrants

Published 11:14 am Monday, March 26, 2018

Winchester Municipal Utilities, along with the Winchester and Clark County fire departments, will begin annual fire hydrant flushing this week.

Flushing begins today in county areas along the Boonesboro Road corridor and will progress towards the city.

The work is expected to take three to four weeks and conclude in the eastern portion of the county around April 26.

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A list of streets impacted by the work will be published in the Sun weekly and updated on the WMU website at wmutilities.com as work progresses.

WMU General Manager Mike Flynn told the Sun previously flushings are necessary for two reasons: to ensure the quality of water and to test pressures of hydrant.

“Moving water through the pipes helps remove the sediment and is going to improve water quality for drinking and other consumption purposes,” he said. “The discoloration caused by this has nothing to do with contamination of the water. What we’re doing is pulling the tuberculation of minerals in the water that form in the pipes. Minerals like calcium and iron that are naturally-occurring with water react with the pipes. Flushing the hydrants removes those deposits from the pipes.”

The other benefit of flushing hydrants is to check the pressure and flow velocities, which is important for local fire departments.

“The fire department uses that number to submit insurance rates for our community,” Flynn said. “Right now we have a class 2 rating, which is the highest for communities our size. We try to do our best to maintain that rating.”

Customers may experience discolored water for a short period of time during the course of the flushing work.

Customers who experience discolored water can flush their lines by running a faucet wide open for a few minutes in their home. Customers should also avoid washing clothes on the day when their street is scheduled for flushing to avoid any discoloration of clothing from the water.

For more information, call WMU at 744-5434.

Flushing will be conducted in the following locations this week:

— Today: Aberdeen Lane, Baker Court, Boonesboro Road, Brook View Court, Casa Landa Way, Clifton Court, Damon Court,  David Lane, Debbia Drive, Delaplain Road, Devonshire Court, Devonshire Drive, Fieldstone Way, Gilbert Court, Heather Lane, Hibiscus Lane, Inverness Lane, Lynnway Drive, Morgan Court, Old Boonesboro Road, Paisley Court, Reservoir Court, Reservoir Lane, Rex Court, Robert Court, Shanahan Lane, Steve Circle, Steve Court, Stoneybrook Drive, The Woods Lane, Tyra Court and Waterworks Road.

— Tuesday: Amiens Boulevard, Calmes Boulevard, Chardonnay Court, Crocus Court, Fontaine Boulevard, Foxglove Court, Foxglove Lane, Hibiscus Lane, Hollyhock Court, Honeysuckle Court, Honeysuckle Lane, LaFayette Boulevard, Lasalle Drive, Marquis Court, Marseille Boulevard, McClure Road, Monet Boulevard, Morning Glory Court, Orchid Court, Primrose Lane, Reims Drive and Yucca Court.

— Wednesday: Albany Court, Albany Lane, Canvasback Lane, Carter Drive, Cherokee Court, Cherokee Drive, Colby Road, Colby Hills Circle, Colby Hills Drive, Duclair Drive, Gadwall Lane, Harney Drive, Hillcrest Drive, Kimberly Drive, Lynda Court, Lyon Drive, Mahan Court, Mahan Drive, McClure Road, McDowell Drive, Pintail Lane, Rose Drive, Runnymede Drive, Sandra Drive, Seneca Drive, Southward Drive, Stratton Lane, Teal Lane, Terry Drive, Valley Drive, Westmeade Drive and Woodduck Court.