Hydrant flushings continue this week

Published 10:46 am Monday, April 2, 2018

Winchester Municipal Utilities will conduct fire hydrant flushing at the following locations this week:

— Monday: Al-Fan Court, April Way, Ashford Drive, Bonnie Brook Lane, Boone Avenue, Boonesboro Road, Bypass Road, Camelot Drive, Codella Drive, Colby Road, Colby Ridge Boulevard, Country Club Court, Country Club Drive, Cricket Lane, Dubuy Drive, Earleymeade Drive, Edgewood Drive, English Miss Court, Hawthorne Drive, Heritage Place, Hubbard Road, Lisle Lane, Lucy Court, Manor Drive, Mockingbird Valley Road, Old Garden Court, Pedro Way, Rose Drive, Rose Mary Drive, Runnymede Drive, Simba Court, Sir Edward Court, Snowfall Drive, Vaught Road, Willowbrook Road, Windridge Drive, Woodbine Court.

— Tuesday: Abbeywood Court, Abbeywood Drive, Ascot Circle, Autumn Court, Bane Place, Belmont Avenue, Boyd Place, Bristol Place, Buckingham Lane, Bullion Boulevard, Bypass Road, Chatham Place, Citation Court, Colby Road, Colby Ridge Boulevard, Crescent Avenue, Crestview Lane, Cross Brook Court, Cross Brooke Lane, Dorset Lane, Essex Court, Fair Avenue, Fairholme Way, Fairwood Lane, Frontier Way, Gallahadion Court, Hampton Avenue, Hanover Court, Hanover Drive, Hood Avenue, Hughes Avenue, Lana Lane, Lee Street, South Main Street, South Maple Street, Milwood Drive, Moundale Court, Northern Avenue, Pedro Way, Redbud Lane, Redwing Drive, Sheffield Way, Short Street, Sir Barton Way, Snowfall Drive, Southern Court, Stratford Glenn Drive, Two Mile Road, Wellington Way and Woodland Drive.

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— Wednesday: Alabama Street, Bertram Court, Bellbrook Lane, Boone Avenue, East Broadway Street, Buckner Street, Bypass Road, Calloway Street, Chaucer Court, Croxton Way, Elizabeth Street, Flanagan Street, French Avenue, Frontier Way, Georgia Street, Hamilton Street, East Hickman Street, South Highland Street, Hospital Drive, Kentucky Street, East Lexington Avenue, West Lexington Avenue, Mackay Avenue, South Main Street, Mallory Lane, South Maple Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Memorial Park, Muddy Creek Road, Newcastle Lane, Pioneer Drive, Prescott Lane, Redwood Court, Shoppers Drive, Shoppers Village Plaza, Smith Avenue, Sturbridge Lane, Tremont Lane, Valentine Court, Wellington Way and Winchester Plaza.

— Thursday: A Street, Alene Court, Apache Trace, Arbor Court, Aubrey Lane, Baldwin Avenue, Blair Avenue, Breeze Hill Drive, East Broadways Street, Buffalo Trace, Burton Avenue, Bypass Road, Byrd Avenue, Carol Road, College Street, Connie Lane, Custer Court, Dale Drive, Daytona Drive, Dixon Way, Dover Court, Dudley Street, Fulton Road, Geronimo Court, Graves Street, Hamilton Street, Hays Street, Hiawatha Trail, Hidden Hills Way, Huls Avenue, Johnson Street, Judy Ann Court, West Lexington Avenue, Memorial park, Navajo Trail, Oxford Drive, Patio Street, Pocahontas Trail, Pueblo Court, Rowland Avenue, Saxon Court, Seminole Trail, Strode Station Circle, Surrey Court, Westwood Drive and Wilson Lane.

— Friday: Ada Lane, Banana Drive, Bayberry Lane, Beaumont Place, Beckner Street, Bel Air Drive, Belmont Avenue, Berry Court, South Burns Avenue, College Street, Corinne Court, Dale Drive, Dudley Street, Elf Court, Fitch Avenue, Frito Lane, Fulton Road, Garner Street, West Hickman Street, Jett Drive, Kittison Drive, Kiwi Drive, Lakeview Drive, West Lexington Avenue, Market Street, Meadowbook Drive, Noble King Court, Olde Potomac Avenue, Orange Avenue, Oreo Drive, Pear Court, Professional Avenue, Stamper Drive, Village Court, Village Drive, Wainscott Avenue, Westside Drive, Wheeler Avenue and Windsor Drive.