LETTER: What motivates party changes for two candidates?

Published 8:46 am Wednesday, April 18, 2018

As another local election season rolls around, the circus of politics keeps getting crazier. Clark County is not immune from this trend as is evident in two particular races.

The first is the race for Clark County Sheriff. Two candidates are running for the office. The incumbent,

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Sheriff Berl Perdue is running for re-election and his challenger, Shannon Stone, is trying to unseat him.

Perdue has been a life-long Republican and has served our county well. He has put people over politics and treats everyone equally regardless of their political party. Stone, on the other hand, was a life-long Democrat and had previously run for sheriff as a Democrat in 2006. He lost in the primary to William Elkins, another Democrat.
Now, he has decided to switch parties and run as a Republican for the office of Sheriff.

The other race is for Clark County Attorney. There are two candidates running for the office are the current office holder, Brian Thomas, and his opponent, William Elkins. Brian has always run as a Democrat and has always treated the office with respect handling matters fairly regardless of the defendant’s political party registration.

Elkins, was a life-long Democrat until he switched over to the Republican party. Elkins first ran for sheriff in 2006 against Shannon in a heated campaign where he beat Stone (in the Democratic primary). Elkins then lost to Sheriff Perdue in the general election. Elkins then ran as a

Democrat for County Attorney where he lost in 2014 to Thomas in the Democratic Primary.

My question is this. Why did Stone and Elkins, as career candidates switch political parties?

Did they get tired of the views of their old party? Was it because they saw that more Republicans were registering than what we had before? Was it because they hope to get votes from the Republican Party because the Democratic Party would not elect them?

Given that Elkins and/or Stone have appeared with Republican Party Leaders, including Sen. Ralph Alvarado and Rep. Donna Mayfield, it would appear they are riding on the coattails of the Republican Party.

The office of sheriff and the office of county attorney are not politically-motivated offices. Neither of these offices make public policy, they don’t pass laws, they are not involved in recruiting economic development, and they do not decide planning and zoning issues.

These two offices only enforce the laws that are passed by the local and state legislatures. They are sworn to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and Kentucky.

Do these two candidates think the voters are so dumb they do not see what is happening here?

Stone and Elkins are wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to convince us they are running for change, when, in fact, the only change is their political party in the hope they can get elected.

Do not let these candidates play politics with public service.

Bearl Ashcraft