Mayfield issues statement about withdrawal from election

Published 2:37 pm Thursday, May 3, 2018

FRANKFORT — State Rep. Donna Mayfield released the following statement Thursday on her decision to withdraw as a candidate for state representative and step away from public service.

“My decision to forgo reelection to the House of Representatives is not one that I came to lightly. I will forever cherish the lifelong friendships made and all of the positive things I have accomplished on behalf of the good people of Clark and Madison counties. These include stabilizing and funding our long-neglected pension systems, making transformative changes to Kentucky’s adoption and foster care systems, and passing the strongest pro-life legislation in the history of the Commonwealth. I am also proud of the record investment and job creation resulting from policies passed by our new majority in 2017.

“The divisiveness and nastiness of our current political climate has become far too much for me to bear. Truth has never been a factor in the rhetoric spewed by so many, and all of the threatening and profane language used over the last few months has led to fear and anxiety among the families of public servants.

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“Even though the viciousness I have witnessed has caused me to lose my love for this job, I continue to believe that public service is an honorable profession. But if we want to continue to see good people step up and run for office, then something must change. Civility must be restored, and more people must display basic human decency and demonstrate a willingness to listen to their elected representatives.

“I continue to be grateful to my constituents, who repeatedly gave me the opportunity to serve as their voice in Frankfort. I am also grateful to each of my colleagues, as it has been an honor to serve with them. But it is now time for me to step back, spend more time with my dear family, and allow someone else to serve.”

Mayfield (R-Winchester) represents the 73rd District encompassing Clark and part of Madison County. She currently chairs the House Enrollment Committee in addition to serving on the Appropriations and Revenue Committee, Transportation Committee, Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee, and the Budget Review Subcommittee on Health and Family Services.