STATON: We can make a difference

Published 8:05 am Thursday, May 3, 2018

In 1967, a friend who graduated with me shared some prophetic words during a conversation that have come back tome over and over.

She was a very smart girl in class, and I listened when she spoke.

We were talking about the U.S., and she said the worst thing about us as a country was we would probably be the ones responsible for our own demise. She even mentioned recycling before I had ever heard of Earth Day.

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Soon after our graduation, she moved back to Illinois with her family. I often think of that conversation and how true her words were, even 52 years ago.

This past week my daughter and I were discussing what a low percentage of people recycle. We both admitted we do not understand why, especially in today’s world where people know how much our Earth is affected by what is thrown away on a daily basis.

How different our world would be if we all recycled.

I feel it should be mandatory, personally. I am going to give some important reasons as to why we should recycle.

It could improve the quality of ground water and the water we drink.

It conserves and increases energy efficiency and saves our natural resources

Recycling reduces greenhouse gases and pollution that negatively affect our breathing. (For some with compromised immunities, this could be a major problem.)

It also reduces waste and the burden on landfills. Already, the trucks are having to travel to other cities to dump waste where if a lot of it was recycled this would not be happening.

Recycling reduces carbon efficiency thus reducing air pollution. We need clean air for our lungs.

Many times it can increase the property value by cleaning up around your home.

Even our electronics can be recycled. Just think of all the old cell phones and TV remotes lying around.

Surely, with these reasons I have listed you can understand how important recycling is.

All you have to do is start.

My daughter told me she has volunteered to pick up recycling from a school this past week just to do her part in saving a little bit more of our Earth.

She has recycled for as long as I can remember. She was the one who proved to me how important it is to do so.

We teach kids about recycling in school. Why, then, are we not doing recycling in the school systems on a daily basis? It is unbelievable what we throw away that could be saved in all the schools and homes throughout our country.

We will eventually run out of Earth space to dump this mess. It makes me wonder if the world coming to an end by fire might come by our own making.

Once I got into the habit of recycling, it is hard for me not to do so. I have been amazed how much I take to the recycling place on the Maple expressway since it is not picked up at my home.

I recycle everything there is a bin for such as magazines and slick material, newspapers, office papers, tin cans, bottles, cardboard and plastic. I have seen an increase in people recycling, but it is still not even a drop in the bucket as to what it should be.

For those who live in the city it is so easy to recycle since it is picked up at your home.

We can all make a difference in our world and help it to be a better place to live in. 

Oh, and by the way, I do think spring has arrived. I found my first four leaf clover and hung my first laundry on the clothesline to dry.

Life is good!

Now, go make a difference in the world.

Sue Staton is a Clark County native who grew up in the Kiddville area. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who is active in her church, First United Methodist Church, and her homemakers group, Towne and Country Homemakers.