Our View: Go vote, but be informed

Published 9:20 am Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tuesday is primary election day in Kentucky, when voters will head to the polls to choose candidates to represent their party in the general election in November.

There are numerous offices on the ballot this year, including federal, state and local races. This is a particularly exciting primary because of the vast number of local people who made the decision to run for office.

On Tuesday’s ballot, you’ll find Republican candidates for U.S. representative, state representative, county judge-executive, sheriff, fourth district magistrate, fourth district constable and sixth district magistrate; Democratic candidates for U.S. representative, state representative, county judge-executive, county clerk, jailer, coroner, second district magistrate and third district magistrate; along with non-partisan candidates for Winchester mayor and city commissioners.

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While many of these races will ultimately be decided later this year, there are some local races — like sheriff, coroner and fourth district magistrate — that will be decided Tuesday. That’s nothing to be taken lightly.

We encourage each registered voter in Clark County to make time to go to the polls next week.

More importantly, we implore the public to make themselves informed about the candidates — who they are, where they stand on the issues and what goals they have for our community.

There are dozens of knowledgeable and community-focused individuals on the ballot. But we must make our decisions not on who we know best or what name seems familiar, but on who we believe has the best interest of Winchester-Clark County in mind, who offers the brightest ideas with plans to achieve their goals, who will listen to and work with the people as they strive to improve their community.

Use the tools available to you as you do your research. Many candidates create campaign websites and Facebook pages where they discuss their ideas and beliefs.

Watch the recent candidates forum, where those in attendance talked about various issues, at https://tinyurl.com/CF-Night1 and https://tinyurl.com/CF-Night2.

Grab a copy of The Sun’s Meet The Candidates special section, available in our office and soon on our website.

A vote is a right and privilege we should not take for granted, and the most powerful voter is one who is informed.

This is a critical time for our community and our state.

There’s still time. Do your part. Be informed.