OPINION: Attending festival has multiple benefits

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Less than two weeks remain until the annual beer cheese festival and the more than 20,000 people it will bring with it.

There is still plenty of time for area businesses — those downtown, on the bypass and beyond — to create marketing plans and strategies to get customers through their doors.

It is also the perfect time for downtown businesses to spruce up their store fronts, clean up the area around them and just generally work hard to make a good impression.

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This is a great opportunity to change the narrative about downtown and the city as a whole.

Our community is far from perfect but it offers tremendous quality of life and small-town feel.

Festivals like beer cheese celebrate the rich heritage and history but also have a positive impact on the present in the future.

Proceeds from the beer cheese festival help fund program through Main Street Winchester, like concert series, other festivals and improvements to the area through the Downtown Investment Fund.

By attending this local festival you can enjoy your community, mingle with your neighbors and be certain your money is being reinvested in programs to continue revitalizing the downtown area and making Winchester a better place to live.

Although it is a great opportunity for visitors to see what Winchester offers, let’s not overlook the importance of this event in helping residents rediscover their hometown.

It is easy to take for granted many of the great amenities right here in our own backyard.


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