Our View: Recognizing preservation is important

Published 9:25 am Friday, June 1, 2018

Recognizing those who work hard to preserve and celebrate our history will always be important here in Winchester and Clark County. That makes the recent Historic Preservation Awards event a great success and benefit to the community.

Organized by the Winchester Historic Preservation Commission and the Winchester-Clark County Heritage Commission, this was the third year of honors since the program was re-launched in 2016.

This is important because it acknowledges that work like this doesn’t happen overnight and would not be possible without the blood, sweat and tears of countless volunteers and individuals who understand the value of our community’s heritage.

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The committee presented awards for the following projects: Holly Rood – Clark Mansion, Rash Flynn Log Cabin, Taylor Family Cemetery, Turnpike fence on Athens-Boonesboro Road, 27 N. Main St., 9 W. Lex Ave. and 9-11 S. Main St.

Project categories included residential rehabilitation, commercial rehabilitation, interior rehabilitation, site rehabilitation, new construction or special project. The committee could also give awards for preservation champions and preservation craftspersons.

Historic preservation has always been a somewhat fine line to walk between living in the past and focusing on the future, but these organizations and individuals have done an exemplary job of that here in Clark County.

We have all seen examples elsewhere of the extremes on both ends of the spectrum —where preservation hinders progress or the push for growth erases integral parts of a community’s heritage.

We applaud all those involved with this initiative and hope to see it continue for years to come.