Our View: Trainings critical for safety, peace of mind

Published 9:33 am Thursday, June 7, 2018

“Better safe than sorry.”

It’s a common, age-old adage. Maybe it’s a bit cliché. More importantly, it’s true — particularly when the potential for and frequency of active shooter situations is higher than ever.

Whether it’s a church, a school, a concert, a theater or some other seemingly-safe place, the fear of mass shootings is prevalent in our country. It’s a fear that lingers for many as we try to go about our daily business.

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One thing that will help keep that fear at bay and allow many to continue sending their children to schools, attending movies at the local theater, going to large concerts or festivals and more is knowing local agencies are preparing for the worst. It’s a sad reality, but one we must address.

Some of that critical preparation took place this week as the Winchester Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office hosted an active shooter response training.

Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies attended a week-long class about responding to external active shooter situations.

The class, taught by instructors from Texas-based Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, was offered at the Clark County Fairgrounds.

The session not only trains the officers attending, but certifies them as instructors to take the information back to their agencies and conduct the classes there.

The class is designed to help first responders and those who are first on the scene for active shooter situations, including EMS personnel and those from different agencies.

The material offered in the class draws from case studies of actual events and offers several techniques and options in responding to situations, including helping the victims afterward.

We hope local officials never have to use the skills learned in such trainings, but as the saying go, “better safe than sorry.”

It’s reassuring to know when worst comes to worst, our local law enforcement and emergency responders are fully equipped to respond quickly, efficiently and save lives in the process.

We hope to see a continued emphasis on these trainings so our citizens can enjoy our community events, our schools and more with just a little more peace of mind.