OPINION: Co-working space brings fresh ideas

Published 12:21 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

big-city concept could have a huge impact in small-town America.

That is the push driving Joe Moss and his initiative to create a new co-working space in downtown Winchester.

Seen most in urban areas like New York City and San Francisco, it isn’t a new concept per se but certainly fairly unique to Central Kentucky.

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Co-working is a concept built on the idea of a shared workplace that is used by a variety of individuals, most of whom are not employed by the same company.

The benefits of this approach center around the idea of low start-up costs and creating a social gathering place for a group of individuals who are working independently, but want to be surrounded by people with similar vision and values as a way to spark creativity and community.

The business model locally is built on memberships that range from single-day passes to several monthly options topping out at $250 a month for access to the work space that would include desks, tables, conference rooms, one-on-one meeting rooms, high-speed Internet, print-copy capabilities and other components of a normal office setting without the restrictions.

This is a great concept that can truly help bring people together, spark entrepreneurship and foster creativity.

It will take time and some outside-the-box thinking but we truly feel that the time is perfect for this initiative.

Downtown has lots of synergy and this could be another push forward.

We know small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and this is a low-cost way to promote startup businesses. Metropolitan areas have lots of success stories and we think Winchester could have some of its own in the near future.

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