Free Play Friday open for WYSL and FC Kentucky players

Published 9:19 pm Friday, June 29, 2018

WYSL and FC Kentucky players are all invited to participate in Free Play Friday at the Kroger Soccer Complex from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., which began on June 29.

The ending date will be July 28 and players will have the opportunity to split up into teams and work on their game with no pressure.

Players can figure out areas of their game on what works best and what does not with no coaching involved.

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FC Kentucky coach, Bernie Stevens, said he wanted to give the kids an opportunity to have fun in the process of developing their skills.

“It is something that gives the kids an opportunity to come out and play,” he said. “I do not want them to have any pressure or feel like there is any eyes on them. It is just a chance to have fun, enjoy the game and learn a lot in the process. There’s a Brazilian method which is basically street soccer. We do not get out in the streets here, but this gives them an opportunity to get out and just play. We need to give them an outlet or somewhere to go play soccer.”

Stevens said he wants the kids to have fun, but more importantly, to learn more about the game.

“I just want them to come out and have fun,” he said. “We want them to learn from each other instead of an overbearing parent or a coach yelling at them all the time. This is a no pressure situation. I want them to learn to enjoy the game. If a kid naturally enjoys the game, they will get better. They will want to work hard for it. If a kid is constantly bombarded, they will want to give up and have no passion or desire to continue.”

Stevens was impressed with the turnout and said he can tell the kids are enjoying themselves and are learning the game of soccer.

“You can see it in their faces how much they enjoy it,” he said. “No cheerleaders, no parents for them or against them. They are out there having fun and it is a beautiful sight.

Free Play Friday is free of cost and will return on July 6.