Clark County property transfers for Aug. 4, 2018

Published 10:06 am Monday, August 6, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office July 23-28, 2018.

— Charlie Hisle and Tina Hisle to Gregory L. Castle and Cheryl M. Castle, 612 Westmeade Drive, $152,500.

— Nationstar Mortgage to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 252 Boone Ave., quitclaim.

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— John Wilson Properties to Scott Kent, 112 Inverness Lane, $125,500.

— John Nelson Properties to Scott Kent, 110 inverness Lane, $125,500.

— Lynn P. Ratliff, Lynn M. Potter Ratliff and Billy Keith Ratliff to Mitchell H. Potter, 825 and 985 Sewell Shop Road and property on Mount Sterling Road, love and affection.

— Mayday Hanna LLC to Wayne Elkins and David R. Dotson, 220 and 222 Dubuy Drive, $38,000.

— Phillip J. Haddix to Ashley Nicole Roberts and Mason Tyler Roberts, 129 Buckingham Lane, $172,000.

— Winfirst Bank and Winchester Federal Bank to Paul H. Bradley and Kathryn A. Bradley living revocable trust, 645 and 675 Westmeade Drive, $437,500.

— Verl E. Ingram and Phyllis L. Ingram to Woodford Charles Cox, 9674 Wades Mill Road, $45,000.

— Christopher Vanhoose and Michelle Vanhoose to Robert L. Clements Jr. and Debra Clements, 12 Apache Trail, $112,000.

— David Cantrell and Valerie Cantrell to Brannon Lee Blankenship, 1680 Log Lick Road, $150,000.

— Danny Barbee and Teresa Barbee to Ashley Mundy and Cory Mundy, 1312 Donaldson Road, $115,000.

— Paul H. Bradley and Kathryn A. Bradley as trustees of Paul H. Bradley and Kathryn A. Bradley living revocable trust to Guardian Angels Enterprise LLC, 41 N. Main St. and 30 N. Highland St., $350,000.

— Alice H. Ratliff to John R. Ratliff, 220 Wexford Drive, $14,300.

— Gerald Johnson and Lannie Johnson to Gerald Keith Johnson, 138 Hawthorne Drive, $320,000.

— Earlymeade LLC to David D. Strimple and Lisa A. Strimple, 147 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

— Mary Francis Miller to Mary Francis Miller, James David Rogers and Anna Marie Profitt, 236 Jackson St., love and affection.

— Dominic Tyler McCamish and Yvette McCamish to Nirajkumar Jayantilal Patel and Seema Niraj Patel, 411 Wellington Way, $152,100.

— Sterlin Bellamy and Alice M. Bellamy to Dixie L. Brandenburg and Belvin Brandenburg, 310 Jackson St., $20,000.

— Mid South Capital Partners, Sherry Attaway, unknown, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Clark County and KY lilen Holdings to James Tipton and Charles Johnson, 170 Hidden Grove Lane, master commissioner sale, $5,001.

— Eric McDaniel and Stephanie McDaniel to Joshua Mattingly and Holly Hendrix, 715 Princeton Drive, $139,000.

— Teresa Kay King, Curtis M. King, Marvin W. King and Rhonda Faye King to Sean Michael Coleman and Dianna Kay Coleman, 222 Robyn Drive, $138,000.

— Sandra J. Parks to Donald W. Pace Jr., 25 Vine St., $35,000.

— Pennymac Loan Services to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 211 Locust Grove Road.

— Marshall Watts to Cynthia Watts, 26 Rowland Ave., dissolution of marriage.

— HB Properties to Aaron D. Rose and Sarah L. Rose, 109 Inverness Lane, $119,000.

— Tierney Storage to J.W. Lynch Limited Partnership, 14 Lisle Lane, $164,900.

— Blanch Lee Ross to Heather Ross, property at Ford, $6,000.

— Littrell Homes to Taylor Built LLC, 103 Bella Court, $27,500.

— James M. Fitzgerald II estate to Andrew P. Chapman and Judith A. Chapman, 6554 Old Boonesboro Road, $160,000..

— James G. Whitaker and Connie L. Whitaker to Maple Leaf Investment Group, 34 S. Highland St., $40,000.

— Gulfstream Properties of Sarosota to Pretty Run LLC, 430 Pretty Run Road, quitclaim.

— Dianna K. Neal to Christopher Z. Gray, 29 Euclid Ave., $84,000.

— Harry Clevenger Sr. and Betty Lou Clevenger to Harry Clevenger Jr., 117 Flynn Ave.

— Donald L. Reed to Donald Chadwick Reed, 150 McKinley Lane, love and affection.

— Vision Builders and Contracting to David Ray Ballard and Laura Ballard, 127 Westwood Drive, $280,000.

— Mollie C. Talbott to Lisa Silvestri and Daniel Talbott, 1360 Donaldson Road, love and affection.

— Earlymeade LLC to Stanley Murrel Cecil and Sheila Kaye Cecil, 159 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

— Earlymeade LLC to Stanley Murrel Cecil and Sheila Kaye Cecil, 162 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

— Earlymeade LLC to Stanley Murrel Cecil and Sheila Kaye Cecil, 166 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

— Chelle Lynn Jako, Chelle Lynn Morgan and Clint Louis Jako to Richard Lee Poynter and Constance P. Poynter, 121 Eastridge Drive, $125,000.

— Lou Helen Clark to Bridgett Hettich, 121 Ralston Lane, $25,000.

— Eunice Harper to Roy L. Harper and Teresa Harper, 724 Estes Drive, love and affection.

— Lawrence D. Frost and Paige Frost to Michael Cincinelli and Christine Cincinelli, 3688 Pine Ridge Road, $16,500.