HANDS available to all parents

Published 1:31 pm Monday, August 13, 2018

HANDS is a program in every community in Kentucky to support parents beginning in a family’s pregnancy lasting through a child’s second or third birthday.   

The Clark County HANDS program can now provide services to any parent in Clark or Powell counties, whether for the first baby for the family or the newest addition.

Research shows 95 percent of all brain development happens in the first three years of life.  Babies need great support with developing their social and emotional well being during the first two years of life as our social and emotional health impacts everything else in life from early childhood and school experiences into our adult life.

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HANDS staff share information with families to help them support their baby’s basic care needs, social and emotional development, language development, physical/brain development and physical health. HANDS gives parents the opportunity to make toys, activities and keepsakes for the baby — all at no cost.

The program is free and completely voluntary. Parents can sign up any time during pregnancy until the baby is 3 months of age.

While HANDS is based in the health department, parents do not have to receive any other services from the health department in order to access the HANDS program.   

Call 744-4482 and ask to speak with any member of the HANDS staff for more information.

Clark County Health Department supports families through a variety of programming and services, including nutrition therapy, family planning, immunizations, WIC, HANDS, community education events, Cooper Clayton smoking cessation and more. For more information, call 744-4482 or visit website www.clarkhealthdept.org.