Property transfers for Aug. 11, 2018

Published 1:15 pm Monday, August 13, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office July 30 through Aug. 4, 2018.

— Rocco Gibala and Elaine P. Gibala to Rocco Gibala and or Elaine P. Gibala revocable living trust, 2125 Clintonville Road.

— WinFirst Bank and Winchester Federal Bank to Alex R. England and Jessica L. Stidham, 261 S. Highland St., $107,500.

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— Dennis L. Ousley to Herbert Eldridge, 1185 Clintonville Road, $147,000.

— Cindy A. Watts to Marshall Thomas Watts, 6896, 6870 and 7070 Four Mile Road, assumption.

— Albert Wayne Angel and Lori Kay Angel to Zeldon Angel, 5889 Iron Works Road, $250,000.

— Anna Mason as executor of John William Hooten estate to Tina Burton, 34 Seaboard St., quitclaim.

— Juanita J. Ridner to Chrissen D. Meade, 216 Robyn Drive, $151,500.

— Vince W. Arnold and Dana M. Arnold to Tabitha Haggard, 4 Churchill Drive, $145,500.

— William L. Reed Inc. to Bonnie Bennett and Stuart Edward Bennett, 617 Colby Ridge Blvd., $162,900.

— Daniel Sheshull and Alison Sheshull to Dave B. Sheshull and Kathleen M. Sheshull, 2100 Irvine Road, quitclaim.

— Long House Rentals to Christopher D. Smith and Diane M. Smith, 190 Spruce Court, $85,000.

— Long Duplex Rentals to Christopher D. Smith and Diane M. Smith, 114 and 116 Westside Drive, $124,000.

— Benny C. Williams and Marlene B. Williams to Melinda S. Gifford and Bruce E. Gifford, 135 Heather Lane, $125,700.

— Bobby Banks to Eric W. Rodgers, 36 Jackson St., $26,000.

— Patricia Ann Crawley and James W. Crawley to John Morris Sundall, 325 Fox Quisenberry Road, $80,640.

— Holly Rentals to Frank Peter Sanzone, 13 Waveland Ave., $82,000.

— Dianne M. Cohn and Alan D. Cohn to Douglas E. Self and Jessica Self, 790 Goshen Road, $270,000.

— Red River Boat Dock to Sharon Caudill, 1260 Ferry Road, $135,000.

— Travis J. Cornett and Andra Maria Cornett to Thierry Tito and Bonita Snowden Tito, 313 Newcastle Lane, $155,000.

— Kathy G. Coffey and Prisciliano P. Ramirez to David Cantrell and Valerie Parish Cantrell, 4540 McClure Road, $100,000.

— Jean Crouch and Kathy C. Frick to Jean Crouch, 2873 Iron Works Road, $95,000.

— Ileene Justice and Naomi C. Justice estate to Kenneth Reed and Sandra A. Reed, 532 Estes Drive, $120,000.

— Billy J. Patrick and Kym Patrick to David T. Selby and Beverly M. Selby, 116 E. Clark Drive, $109,900.

— Susan Adams to Claudie S. Vice and Kathy E. Vice, 8080 Wades Mill Road, $160,000.

— Brian O. Shepherd and Antoinete Shepherd to Sharon Caudill and Veronica Chancet, 275 Riverbend Lane, $125,000.

— Big Oak Investments to Lady Veterans Connect, 11400 Irvine Road, $205,000.

— Dixie Patterson to Rebecca Larrigan Meadows, 221 Plantations Drive, $199,000.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to JD Webb Properties, 215 E. Broadway St., $52,001.

— James Martin, Keri Martin, Jack Housely, Kathy Housely, Jeff Roberts, Kelly Roberts, Keith Cunningham and Vickie Cunningham to Judy A. York and Catherine E. York, 47 Skylark Drive, $260,000.

— James Kyle Bass and Lola Marie Bass to Philip A. Hill and Wendy Michelle Hill, 51 Hillcrest Drive, $145,000.

— David Baker to Mikayla Arrowood and Nathaniel Arrowood, 107 North Court, $127,000.

— James H. Cunningham and Regina B. Cunningham to Travis J. Cornet, 411 Lynnway Drive, $230,000.

— Joyce Embs to Virginia Lee Fulton, 9 Hiawatha Trail, love and affection.