OUR VIEW: Where to find it now

Published 8:53 am Saturday, August 18, 2018

With the recent changes in publication and additions to editorial content, readers may find it difficult to find some of their favorite columnists, features and more in The Sun. Below is a look at where to find content after the changes.


— Local news on pages A1-3

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— Cryptoquote on page A3 or A5

— Our view from the Sun Editorial Board on page A4, along with editorial cartoons, guest commentary and opinion columnists

— Sports content on pages A9-10 or B1-2

— Classifieds and comics, including double comics on the weekend


— A1: “Public Servant of the Week” feature

— A2: Meet your neighbor, a question-and-answer featuring people who live, work and play in Winchester.

— A3: Shelter spotlight, photos and information about adoptable pets at the Clark County Animal Shelter

— A4: Columnist Chuck Witt

— A5: Jean Brody’s “The View from the Mountains”

— A6: Schools page with honors lists, student news, education briefs and more

— Sports: Craig Caudill’s outdoors/nature column weekly, Jamie Ness’ fitness column on the last Tuesday of each month


— A1: “Meet the Teacher” feature

— A4: Readers poll results from online polls at winchestersun.com

— A5: Dr. Jeff Castle’s “The Pet Corner”

— A6: Country living page with Clark County Extension agents’ columns


— A1: “Business Spotlight”

— A5: Sue Staton’s “Down the Lane” column

— A6: Health page with Clark County Health Department’s “Mind & Body” column

— A7: Kids page

— A8: Around Town page with photos, briefs, meeting minutes and announcements submitted from readers


— A1: “Student Spotlight”

— A5: Full page community calendar with “Things to look forward to this weekend”

— A6: Faith page with church briefs and weekly columns from local pastors

— A7: Harry Enoch or Rick Baldwin column

— A8: Neighbors photo package


— A1: Closer Look investigative features

— A4: Column from Publisher Mike Caldwell

— A5: Full-page community calendar and “What to look forward to this week”

— A6: Public records page with circuit and district court news, health inspections, marriage licenses and property transfers

— A7: John Maruskin’s “What’s Happening At the Library?!” column

— A9: Erin Smith’s “Seeking Connection” column

— A10: Sarah Conley’s “Nailed it or failed it” column

Change is inevitable, but often difficult, especially from the outside looking in.

Even with a reduction in publication days, The Sun’s staff will continue working harder than ever to provide useful, informative and entertaining content for our readers.

We hope as our newspaper continues to grow and evolve, our thousands of local readers will remain with us on the ride, as they have faithfully for decades.

Along the way, we hope you will continue to enjoy some of these beloved features, columns and news bits.

We are thankful for the positive feedback and even constructive criticism we have received lately and look forward to more useful feedback about how we can better serve our community.