Sophomore standout Jonathan Stefanski uses soccer as motivation

Published 6:32 pm Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sophomore midfielder Jonathan Stefanski said he could not imagine his life without soccer.

The sport has been in his life since he was only five and he said he has loved every minute of playing.

“The difference in skill level has always interested me,” he said. “The more you know, the better you are at something. There’s a variety of skills that soccer requires and it has always had me wanting to learn more throughout the years.”

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The sophomore starter said he wants to grow on his leadership in hopes to be a captain of the team as his high school career progresses.

“I want to be a captain some day,” he said. “I am going to keep trying my best and help carry the team. I want to be motivation for others to get them to do their best. I want to give emotional support when things are not always going right, too.”

Stefanski said he will do whatever it takes to help his team achieve nothing short of winning.

“We have got to find a rhythm and a way to go on a winning streak,” he said. “Once we do that, we will be a hard team to beat. It is still early in the season so we do not plan to give up. We have to keep going hard and push through everything.”

Stefanski said he has never let anybody influence him and has gotten to the position he is in with his own mentality to work hard.

“I am the only person I can rely on,” he said. “Nobody else can get the job done or do something for me besides myself. People cannot run sprints for me or play the game for me. I use that as extra motivation when I forget how far I have came.”

Stefanski said he is thankful for the guidance that soccer has brought to his life.

“One of the biggest things that soccer has taught has been discipline,” he said. “It keeps my head on straight and I do not want to be a bad kid and not get playing time. It has taught me that if you do not do things right then you will not ever get good results. Good things come from hard work and it may not be worth it right then and there, but eventually it will catch up to you and make you feel good about yourself.”

Stefanski hopes his talent will take him to the next level and play in college.