Clark County property transfers for Sept. 29, 2018

Published 12:33 pm Saturday, September 29, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 14-21, 2018.

— Earlymeade LLC to Gerald Johnson, 174 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

— Earlymeade LLC to Gerald Johnson, 170 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

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— Bentley and England to Arbor Ridge Apartments, 11 Hughes Ave., $1.

— Karen McNay and Karen L. Kirby to Ashley Rachel Clem, 354 Hanover Drive, $176,000.

— Terriann Vines to Joshuan M. Smith, 44 Judy Ann Court, $42,000.

— Michelle R. Garland to Charles A. Vice and Julia A. Vice, 101 Stratford Glen, $159,000.

— Jeffery J. Phelps and Shannon L. Phelps to Robert West Taylor Jr. and Marquita Hope Conrad, 210 College St., $178,750.

— Gold Crown Properties to Tommy J. Wills and Mary J. Wills, 215 Robyn Drive, $130,000.

— Jeffrey M. Walson as executor of Billie Jo Walson estate to Kenneth D. Bradley and Bonita Sue Bradley, 140 Milwood Drive.

— Steven Wallace Caudill and Steve Caudill to Nicholas Landon Caudill, 326  Silverton Way, $123,000.

— Linda C. Baber to Orville Lee Waller and Stephanie Lynn Waller, 222 Woodbine Court, $185,000.

— Greg McCord, Gregory McCord, Laura A. McCord and Laura McCord to Michael Bays, 6 and 8 Elizabeth St., 121 and 125 Buckner St. and 250 Mutual Ave., $125,000.

— Forrest E. McCord and Claudia McCord to Michael Bays, 108 Mutual Ave., $23,500.

— Jane M. Smith and Paul D. Smith to Lewis Roger Borders, 8020 and 8088 Iron Works Road, $145,000.

— Herbert Eldridge to James R. Rees, Shannon Rees, Vincent W. Arnold and Dana Arnold, 2065 Hancock Valley Drive, $310,000

— Harold R. Stivers to Aaron Propes and Sheryl Propes, 150, 180 and 220 True Lane, $9,000.

— John Oliver Sammons and Rosann Sammons to Beulah Kaye Boggs, 4495 Old Boonesboro Road, $207,000.

— Bobby Joe Mays and Janet R. Mays to Dan Brothers and Lynda Brothers, 330 Runnymeade Drive, love and affection.

— Thomas G. Felts and Gracie N. Felts to Todd Ray Sharrock, Amanda S. White and Donald Ray Sharrock Jr., 29 Sherwood Court, $119,500.

— Billy Isaacs and Pamela G. Isaacs to Randall Brian Mullins and Brianna Renee Mullins, 498 Hidden Hills Way, $105,000.

— Ran Gar Investments to Jacob Green and Jamie Ruth Green, 113 Spring Ridge Way, $139,900.

— L. Gale Fulkerson and J. Wanda Fulkerson to Homer C. Schumacher and Frances L. Schumacher, 299 Runnymeade Drive, $315,000.

— Lee F. Boone and Dionne H. Boone to Edwin P. Newell as trustee of Newell Family Trust, 20 Edgewood Drive, $257,500.

— Dustin J. Wills to Brian Keith Coleman and Karen Elaine Coleman, 133 Sheffield Way, $184,000.

— Robert A. Adams and Laverne T. Adams, to Kimberly J. Rhonesmith and Mildred L. Rhinesmith, 2875 Iron Works Road, $96,900.

— Michael Phillips to Jeremy Murrell and Michelle Murrell, 135 Cerokee Drive, $161,000.

— Ran Gar Investments to Troy Edward Clem Jr. and Kaitlin Ann Clem, 59 Holiday Road, $112,900.

— Angelo Moccia and Glenda A. Moccia to Maureen Daniels and Emrys Daniels Jr., 3700 Jackson Ferry Road, $319,000.

— Keri L. Haggard to David K. Girdler and Sandra Lee Girdler, 5 Fairview Ave., $68,000.

— Tony Pencil to T@J Associates, 24 Euclid Ave., $79,000.

— Donald G. Lee and Carla H. Lee to Harold W. Ballard and Linda M. Ballard, 1001 Iron Works Road, $20,000.