Our View: BOA right to take time on ruling

Published 12:40 pm Saturday, September 29, 2018

While many were hoping for a decision regarding concerns about operations at Stuff Recycling after a Board of Adjustments public hearing Thursday, we thing the board took the appropriate action by waiting.

With more than three hours of testimony, stacks of evidence and information for multiple sources, the board must take its time to fully review every angle of this issue.

Much of the concern about the operations and Stuff came after a massive fire there in June. But more attention was drawn to the issue after Stuff owner Jerry Joiner made a zoning change request for additional property. That request has since been withdrawn, but there are still questions about whether the recycling facility has violated the terms and conditions of a “grandfathered” zoning decision made in 2012.

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There are concerns not only about the scope of the operation, but environmental impact and nuisances to adjacent property owners.

Sun reporter Fred Petke has been reporting on the issues from the start. On today’s front page, you can find an in-depth look at some of the concerns and feedback at Thursday’s meeting.

A final decision could come as soon as the next BOA meeting, which is slated for Oct. 4, but with such a complex issue, it may take longer.

And, in our opinion, that is OK.

Whatever decision that is made will have enormous impacts on the community surrounding the facility and the facility owners. It will also set a precedent for other property owners regarding following zoning policy and ordinances.

It would be impossible to expect a board to sufficiently review, understand and immediately decide on hours of testimony and untold amounts of evidence.

This board must do its due diligence with this matter, and that will take some time.