Clark County property transfers for Oct. 13, 2018

Published 9:50 am Monday, October 15, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Sept. 28 to Oct. 5, 2018.

— BAB Real Estate Holdings to Peter Lamont Williams, 1899 Oil Springs Road, $40,000.

— Stephen Ray Botner and Roberta Loreen Botner to Stephen Ray Botner and Roberta Loreen Botner, 4 Fontaine Blvd., love and affection.

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— William H. Ashley to Christopher B. Christy and Jada Brady, 7170 Bybee Road, $72,000.

— Dianna F. Hisle, Michael Wayne Hisle, Barbara Hisle, Clifford D. Hisle, Debbie Hisle, Jeffrey Keith Hisle, Joseph Dale Hisle and Jackie Hisle Jr. to Brandi Sturgill and Oscar Valencia, 242 Cook Ave., $12,000.

— William Taylor and Chasity Taylor to community Ventures Corp., 528 Hidden Hills Way, $87,000.

— Goeing Blue LLC to Alexander N. Hein and Staci S. Hein, 8 Court St., $135,000.

— Constance E. Withers, Janet K. Holland, Marvin Ted Holland and Kathy Turner to Steven R. Taulbee, 2940 Two Mile Road, $110,000.

— Brown Proctor Associates to Brown Proctor LLC, 108 S. Main St., $1,904,789.39.

-— Brown Proctor Associates to Brown Proctor LLC, 116 S. Main St.

— Peggy Turner to Jason W. Martin and Sandra G. Martin, 3944 Jackson Ferry Road, love and affection.

— John R. Bradley Jr. to Gregory D. McCord and Laura McCord, 2020 Big Stoner Road, $450,000.

— Ran Gar Investments to David B. Fuller and Bethany L. Fuller, 3910 Pine Ridge Road, $110,000.

— W Littrell Builder to Terry Lee Benson, 618 Colby Ridge Blvd., $205,680.

— Mark William Watson to Katherine S. Johnson, 205 Vaught Road, $138,000.

— William T. Walters to William T. Walters Jr. and Tawana Walters Palmer, 14 Casa Landa Way, love and affection.

— Alma Marie Biddle to William Eric Biddle and Melissa Biddle, 194 Little Stoner Road, love and affection.

— Nina Wilson Calvert to Melissa C. Cornett, 27 Willow Drive, $160,000.

— Herschel J. Anservitz and Donna L. Anservitz to Adam Fitzpatrick and Brittney Richmond Fitzpatrick, 6999 Old Boonesboro Road, $342,000.

— John A. Rose to Gabriel Chase Nickell, 3910 Schollsville Road, $70,000.

— Victor E. Mathieu and Rebecca Christine Mathieu to William Douglas Wintersteen, 235 S. Highland St., $115,000.

— Eva Mae Blanton to  Donald W. Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 22 Wainscott Ave., $35,000.

— Eva M. Blanton to Donald W. Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 8 Wainscott Ave., $45,000.

— Mervil A. Harris Jr. and Shana Renee Harris to Richard A. Ball and Rebecca Ann Wise, 181 Ryans Mill Road, $175,000.

— Sandra L. Kilpatrick to Phillip Embs and Katey Morton, 202 Carter Drive, $182,500.

— JPMorgan Chase Bank, Kenneth Griffith, Kenneth P. Griffith, Kimberly G. Adkins, Kim Griffith, Lloyd R. Griffith, Lloyd Ray Griffith, unknown, Nancy Griffith, Central Kentucky Management Services, UK Medical Center, KY Medical Services Foundation Inc. and Commonwealth of Kentucky to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 144 E. Broadway St., $33,400.

— Edward J. Handziak and Maxine H. Handziak to Ronald E. Handziak as trustee, 16 Churchill Drive, trust.

— Richdoors LLC to Weavers Workshop, 33 N. Main St., $83,000.

— US Bank and CIM Trust to Cecilia P. Morales, 13 Oliver St., $6,500.

— Winchester Retirement Place to Marion Todd, Carolyn L. Todd and Billy F. Johnson, 112 Sir Edward Court, $165,000.

— Linda L. Spargo and Donald R. Spargo to Bentons RV and Boat Storage, 343 Flanagan Station Road, $55,000.

— John A. Rose to Paul D. Boggs and Evonne Boggs, 905 Judy Pike, $72,500.

— Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 329 Belmont Ave., $1.

— Peggy I. Doyle to Steven S. Monroe, 5955 Van Meter Road, $330,000.

— Larry G. Vandierendonck estate to Tyler Dwight Simmons, 401 Cedar Court, $174,900.

— Carol Eades Holsapple revocable living trust to Heather McCollu Harvey and Anthony Harvey, 6415 Combs Ferry Road, $97,500.

— David M. Barnes and Darlene F. Barnes to Steven F. Quiroz, 126 Park Ave., $40,000.