Letters to the Editor for Oct. 19, 2018

Published 10:57 am Friday, October 19, 2018

Alvarado won’t protect elders

I am a registered Republican in Clark County. I voted for and supported Dr. Ralph Alvarado the last time he ran for senator. I will not vote for him in November.

When my wife’s and my constitutional rights were being violated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I asked Dr. Alvarado for assistance. I did not receive a reply from him.

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It is the duty of the executive, legislative and judiciary branches to protect people’s constitutional rights under Cooper v. Aaron, just as gay marriage is protected under Obergefell v. Hodges and abortion is protected under Roe v. Wade.

No Supreme Court decision is more authoritative than any other.

The issues my wife and I faced have been faced by thousands of other citizens in this country. It is known as “medical kidnapping,” which anybody can ascertain by Googling the term. It is done to steal and embezzle assets of senior citizens.

Elder abuse is a very serious problem in this country, and Kentucky is among the most abusive states along with Tennessee and Florida.

In fact, the Government Accountability Office (AGO) estimates senior citizens and other disabled persons are being defrauded out of $2.9 billion each year, according to the United States Senate, Special Committee on Aging.

Consequently, Congress has passed and the president has signed the “Adult Abuse Protection and Prosecution Act,” Public Law No. 115.70, which should result in a number of Kentucky’s public officials being indicted — except the U.S. Attorney’s office in Lexington has recruited some of the abusers to serve on his Elder Abuse Task Force.

Dr. Alvarado’s history in the Kentucky Senate has proven he is more interested in protecting the abusers than the abused.

Anybody can become disabled at any time and, therefore, nobody is immune to the abuse that can be inflicted upon them. It happened to a young lady in Tennessee as a result of a fall that hospitalized her for a few days and it took her two years to vindicate herself from a predator after losing everything she had. Her story and details are available on the National Association to Stop Guardianships Abuse website at www.NASGA.org.

Allegedly, Dr. Alvarado attends patients in several nursing homes and supports legislation or blocks bills intended to protect the old and disabled in favor of protecting facilities that abuse them.

His behavior indicates a conflict of interest at the peril of the old and disabled. Therefore, he should not be re-elected to the Kentucky Senate.

Art Anderson

Clark County


Vote for the silent voice

I feel I have to write this and it is haunting me to do so.

We have an upcoming election that desperately needs the attention of Christians.

When you enter that voting booth please speak out for the “unborn child.” That child who has the “silent voice.”

In an AARP meeting, a gentleman read a poem he had written about “the silent voice.”

It was the most touching story I had ever heard and it could not have spoken to my heart more. He gave me permission to someday put it in my column if I wanted to. I could not find it or I would have included it here.

Even rape should not be a reason to kill a child. I would not want the baby killed at any cost. I believe even if a person was raped the baby could be put up for adoption if the person did not want the baby. 

People, if we do not speak up for the unborn child, the child with no voice, but one who has a heart, who else will? It is murder of a baby with not yet a voice. 

Amy Mc Grath is for abortion. Yes, I appreciate her service to our country. I do not appreciate her willingness to kill unborn children. How can any mother who has children be for abortion?

Amy McGrath, I disagree with you.

I am for the baby with the silent voice. It has a heart. Where is yours?

Sue Staton