New program to give beds, bedding to local children in need

Published 10:14 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

Many children in Clark County don’t have a bed to call their own.

The Williams Agency is joining up with The Terf Project and Leggett and Platt to fix the situation with its first Sleep Dreams event.

Jessica Durphy, life and health specialist at the agency, said the event will give beds as well as new bedding, a stuffed animal and a bag of goodies to 25 children. Conkwright Principal Julie Bonfield coordinated the selection of the students whom will receive the beds.

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“It’s near and dear to my heart,” Durphy said. “I’ve been homeless myself before. About four years ago, I went through things where we didn’t have a home to live in. I did not have a bed to sleep in, and it just blows my mind the number of kids in our community that sleep on the floor or the couch, and that’s normal for them, and it shouldn’t be.”

Superior Home Improvement will help deliver beds to each household for those children.

Clark County families can enjoy bounce houses, games and a movie on Dec. 8 during which the beds will be a surprise to the families in need at Conkwright Elementary School. The Grinch and a few princesses will also make an appearance at the event.

Williams Agency is also providing pizza for the event.

The agency is currently seeking more financial contributions. Durphy said she purchased the mattresses at the Family Emporium downtown and Bargains on Broadway provided discounts on bulk items. Leggett and Platt donated the box springs and frames. Durphy said other businesses or individuals could give a financial contribution to help pay for the event on Dec. 8 or provide a bed in the bag for one of the many children in need. Any leftover funds or items will go toward next year’s event.

“Any kind of help would be wonderful,” Durphy said.

Durphy said she is also looking for volunteers for the event, such as a school sports team or high school students who could connect with the children.

Next year, Durphy said she hopes to expand the project to another school.

The Terf Project is a nonprofit in Mount Sterling dedicated to helping youth achieve their goals and dreams by supporting various programs.

Durphy said the Terf Project had done a similar event in Montgomery County for about three years; she had helped with the program there and wanted to bring it to Clark County.

“It impacted me personally in a way I thought why not do this here in Clark County and bless some of the kids here,” Durphy said.