Maleaha Bell plans to take her game to the next level

Published 3:40 pm Thursday, November 8, 2018

Maleaha Bell is entering her senior season and has been an all-around solid player for the Cardinals.

Bell committed to play at Eastern Kentucky University over the summer where hopes to use her experience playing at a high level will work to her benefit.

Soccer was her first true love when she began kicking a ball when was five years old.

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Bell did not pick up basketball until sixth grade and decided to quit soccer in seventh grade when she realized she would much rather dribble a ball.

Bell said her motivation comes from the strong bond she has with her family.

“My mom and my older sister have always supported me,” she said. “They have been through everything for me and I like to use them as motivation when things get hard in life.”

Bell her team will have to have to continue playing together as one if they want to continue the tradition of winning region titles and make deep runs in state.

“Everyone needs to bring their piece of the puzzle,” she said. “One person has a weakness and the other has a strength, so if you just play your role and do your part then we will be fine. We have to motivate each other and learn to pick up the slack. One person’s mistake brings the whole team down so we have to be each other’s support.”

Bell said her team has been on the same page throughout the years which has allowed them to build strong chemistry together.

“We all have the same goal,” she said. “We all want to win and be the last team standing. We know what it takes the get there and we all really enjoy the process.”

Bell said she wants to be more persistent in each part of the game to help her team win.

“I need to be consistent,” she said. “Stay consistent on defense, rebounding and shooting. All the small stuff is what matters the most. I have to make sure I give it my all each time out there on the court because it is my last season and I do not want to let my down. I do not want to go home that night after a loss thinking to myself things I could have done better.”

Bell feels like her game is where it needs to be before taking on the college level, but also understand there is always room for improvement.

“Of course you can always get better,” she said. “You always have room to grow. I do not think I am there or where I need to be, but I think I am pretty well set up.”