Meet Your Neighbor: Lori Ballard

Published 10:25 am Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lori Ballard, a Beattyville native, moved to Clark County nearly seven years ago with her husband, who is a Clark County native. She currently works full-time in Lexington in health care and also sells Mary Kay products on the side.

Ballard said she loves to support Clark County and other local organizations that spark her interest or passions.

One area near and dear to Ballard’s heart is helping animals. She is currently the secretary of Friends of the Clark County Animal Shelter, a nonprofit that started in January to raise money for a new van after the animal shelter totaled its vehicle during an accident.

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Winchester Sun: How are you liking Clark County?

Lori Ballard: I like it. I do. It’s a central location for me because my work is in Lexington. I do a lot of stuff in Richmond. My family is an hour away, so it’s a great, central location for us.

WS: How did you hear about Friends of the Clark County Animal Shelter?

LB: Adreanna (Wills) is a really close friend of ours, and we’ve been supporting the animal shelter pretty much since we’ve been here.

WS: What all does the Friends of the Clark County Animal Shelter do?

LB: The Friends of the Clark County Animal Shelter originated in January to help raise money to buy a transport van. Since we were able to do that, any funds that we raise now will help support the maintenance of the van, the gas mileage, pay the driver, and it also goes toward spay and neuter clinics … whatever we see fit for that.

WS: What do you feel like you have learned from being in this organization?

LB: There are more kind people in this world that sometimes that we see. A lot of animal lovers who have a passion for that and with Clark County and outside agencies coming together to be able to purchase this transport van sooner than I expected was awesome.

WS: Why is volunteering important to you?

LB: First of all, people don’t have a career where they’re passionate about, either there’s not enough businesses or jobs, but they are still love or passionate about something. I feel very passionate about saving animals’ lives. I had two dogs myself and had had several in the past. My family, my husband’s family has animals. It’s just something I’m passionate about. If it weren’t for this organization, I’d probably volunteer somewhere else, which we do. I’m a firm believer in giving back. What you put into this world, you will reap back.

WS: What’s your favorite part about volunteering with Friends?

LB: Seeing the outcomes and the families that are able to adopt a dog because of it, or a cat, an animal, seeing their stories and just knowing that we’ve made a positive impact in this world.

WS: What has surprised you the most about being a part of this organization?

LB: There are a lot of other organizations and people that are willing to help.

WS: Do you have any advice for a new volunteer or someone considering volunteering?

LB: Just need a passion, love for animals. It’s really just to have that passion.

WS: Why should people adopt an animal from a shelter?

LB: I think people should adopt an animal because they need love and a home just as much as I think the person needs love. Animals will give you their undivided attention, unconditional love. The ones from the shelter seem to be more grateful.

WS: What can people do to help?

LB: Contact us at the Friends of the Clark County Animal Shelter. Contact Adreanna at the shelter … Donations are always appreciated.

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