OPINION: Support can offer great opportunities

Published 2:29 pm Friday, November 16, 2018

Winchester is on the cusp of an opportunity that could be an enormous catalyst for local business, tourism and more for our community.

Winchester is one of the finalists for an eight-part web series focused on revitalizing small towns and small businesses.

On Tuesday, Deluxe Corporation announced the 20 communities in the running for season four of the “Small Business Revolution — Main Street” series, which includes Winchester.

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The series features marketing and business expertise for small businesses in one small town. Host Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe’s chief brand and communications officer, along with marketing experts from Deluxe and renovation icon Ty Pennington, help struggling business owners find their path to success.

Winchester resident Annette Wagner began the nomination process with a vision for a better Winchester and now the community must rally behind itself to see that vision come to life.

The process includes three phases.

Over the next month, Deluxe executives will gather more information from the top 20 communities before narrowing its list to 10 finalists to visit in the month of January,.

Eventually, five communities will be selected for a national vote to determine the winner.

In this phase, it is critical for the community to become active on social media sharing about why they love Winchester, what makes our community special, our challenges, why we need and deserve this opportunity and our aspirations.

Winchester isn’t perfect. But we have a lot to offer. We were selected from nearly 12,000 nominations of communities from all 50 states to be among the top 20.

Clearly, the executives with Deluxe see something special about our community. Most importantly, they see potential.

Now it’s time for us to prove them right.


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