Aniston Culton used freshman year as learning experience

Published 7:14 pm Friday, November 23, 2018

Aniston Culton finished up her freshman year of golf and said she learned more about the game this year than any other year.

She has only played golf for two years but has found a deep passion for the game.

Culton grew up playing almost every sport including track, soccer, basketball and tennis.

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“My dad pushed me and motivated me to play golf over other sports because he thought that was what I was best at,” she said. “I really enjoyed playing my first year of high school golf. I also really enjoyed playing and hanging out with the team.”

Culton said her dad supports her and pushes her each day to be the best golfer and person she can be.

“My dad is my biggest motivator,” she said. “He goes to all my matches and helps me practice. It makes me want to become better knowing he supports me the way he does and does not put me down. It is a great feeling.”

Culton said her long shots are her best quality of golfing.

“I am really good with irons,” she said. “I have always enjoyed driving and hitting the ball hard. It was not easy to learn how to do it at first, but it has helped a lot with the rest of my game.”

Culton said a goal of hers during high school is to continue lowering her score each match.

“I want to eventually break the 80’s,” she said. “A long term goal is that I would love to be able to get into college. I am only a freshman so I feel like I have time to continue getting better every day. I definitely want to make the most out of these next couple of years.”