Gray making the most of senior year

Published 8:26 pm Thursday, December 6, 2018

Senior Aliyah Gray made basketball her number one priority even as a little kid.

Basketball was the only sport Gray had interest in.

“I have always felt attached to it,” she said. “I grew up watching it and playing it so it feels like it has always been a part of my life. Half of my family members played it too.”

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Gray said her motivation to do well would be from her parents.

“My parents always push me to make sure I am successful,” she said. “They know what I am capable of and they get on me whenever I do not reach those expectations. I like to make them proud. They keep me level.”

Gray said being a team player is her strength on the court.

“I am always aware,” she said. “My communication skills are good and I talk my team a lot.”

Gray hopes to recover from her injury as the season progresses.

“I want to work on my speed when my injury gets better,” she said. “I have to get the repetition in and get used to the flow of basketball again.”

Gray said her goals for her senior season are to be the best team player she can be as well making the most out of the season.

“I want to have fun,” she said. “I just want to keep having fun and not lose focus. I want to gain my speed back and do whatever it takes to help my team win.”

Gray said she wears no. 3 because she could not get the original number she wanted.

“I like numbers with threes in them,” she said. “I wanted 13 but I could not get it so I chose three. I just always kept that number.”

Gray knows what it takes to become region champs and make a run in the state tournament and has those same goals this year.

“We will have to stay hungry,” she said. “We cannot lose focus. We know what it takes and the circumstances it takes to get there. We cannot lose sight of our goals.”