Down The Lane: Where are the adults?

Published 9:58 am Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nearly every day I wonder where the adults are in our world?

While we all have our issues and have said things we wish we had not, I am more reminded of times in our lives adults should have said something or should have done something to have prevented additional hurts in someone’s life. 

I have a feeling we all wish we had listened more instead of responding.

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None of us know what shoes the other person is walking in or has walked through in life. 

There is not one person among us who has not had their share of hurt and pain in their life.

Some people take it out on others when they are angry and want to mess up every one else’s life.

Others could not care about any one but themselves. They think if they have pain, every one else should have it too. These people seem to hold so much anger within them.

Many times, there are others who hold so much hurt inside and tell no one. I do worry about our children who are watching our lives and how we react to things. If we, as adults, know of a hurt or a wrong that has been done to a child, we should report it and, by all means, let a parent know.

I think fewer children would resort to suicide if they knew their life had meaning. No child should fear facing another day.

There are children who have been bullied and hurt, and those who stand idly by and say nothing are as guilty as those who inflict hurt on others.

Where are the adults when they hear of such things? Children should at least know their parents are there for them. If their child has done wrong, they should not approve of it, but teach them how to make it right. 

I still remember reporting to the police something I heard from a girl I worked with about the fear she had of what her dad might do.

I had her call the police on a Saturday while at work. I saw and heard the fear in her voice and body.

By Tuesday night, the girl was killed by her father while leaving for work. He also killed himself that night.

I have never regretted trying to have her fears heard. The police did nothing after hearing the news other than take a report.

I will never get over her death.

Children should be able to look to a parent, a teacher, a grandparent or someone they trust to be able to talk about things.

No child should have to be left to feel hurt for long.

Parents or children, if you are reading this, please go to someone you can talk to. Just getting it out of your mouth and mind can help.

It does not show signs of weakness, it only shows a strength within you.

I think children are too closed-mouthed these days. Why, I do not know. I guess we all were when we were growing up, too.

Thinking back at that age, my siblings and I didn’t tell our parents everything either. It usually would come out at mealtime and my parents knew their children pretty well.

Meal times are not the same as they once were, however.

Every day on the news I see where children have been hurt or killed because a parent did not speak up or do something that should have been done.

When I turned the news on today, I heard that a 3-year-old child had her throat slit by an allegedly drunk uncle because she was crying. I felt sick to my stomach. Where are the adults?

As I sit looking over the beds that were given out Saturday to the children in Clark County who did not even have a bed to sleep in at night, I said a silent prayer for those children.

Later, my husband and I were talking and wondered how many of those children would be able to keep their bed for themselves or if some would be sold for drugs or alcohol. 

I could not help but notice how one little girl was so happy to have her own bed and stuffed animal she never left to go see anyone else’s bed or what they got.

It was so heart warming to see as she never let loose of her teddy bear that I am sure would come to know her many hurts and secrets in life.

At least she has something to talk to if no one else will listen to her.

Parents, please listen to your kids and let them know they have someone with a higher power than themselves who will listen to their prayers.

They should be taught they always have a friend in God better than any friends on Earth.

Life is never going to be without hurts and pain. Just remember there are still those who care.

It is the Christmas season, and God did not intend for us to intentionally hurt anyone at anytime.

For some, Christmas is difficult enough from having lost loved ones. Some do not even have a home to go to this year because of things out of their control.

For others, through mistakes they have made in life, they do not have their children.

Some dread Christmas because there is no money to buy for others.

Let us all try to make our every day the best we can for ourselves and others.

No one is ever going to agree with us on every thing, but we should all agree to love one another. Maybe that should be our number one priority this year.

We all have so much to be thankful for this year, and it should be because we have one another.

Sue Staton is a Clark County native who grew up in the Kiddville area. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who is active in her church, First United Methodist Church, and her homemakers group, Towne and Country Homemakers.