Our View: Web series contest strengthened sense of community

Published 9:59 am Thursday, December 13, 2018

It was with sweaty palms, beating hearts and excitement that we paused Tuesday afternoon around the community to watch the live announcement of the top 10 communities selected for “The Small Business Revolution — Main Street.”

Unfortunately, Winchester was not selected for the project that would have meant an investment of $500,000 in six locally-owned businesses and an eight-part web series focused on the Deluxe team’s work in our community.

While we wish the outcome had been different, we are still proud of our community.

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Once again, Winchester-Clark County proved its willingness to rally behind a great local cause.

We were impressed with the number of people who posted on social media using the #MyWinchester hashtag.

The posts were heartfelt and real, sharing stories and reasons why people love our community.

Maybe it was a business they love, a restaurant with great food, a shopkeeper with a great personality, a local nonprofit, a volunteer or a place that holds special memories. Whatever the reason, the month-long social media campaign served a great purpose for our community.

It was an opportunity for us to support one another, and a chance to share with others what we cherish about our town.

Looking from the outside, the officials at Deluxe clearly saw something special about our community.

For those who live here, it might be difficult on a day-to-day basis to focus on the good things our community has to offer.

Too often we are asked what we would change about our community. We fall into a pattern of being critical of the place we call home.

Winchester certainly faces its challenges, like any other community. But, what this endeavor proved is that we have much to celebrate too.

While we didn’t make it to the next level of the contest, we can say without a doubt participating in the first round served a great purpose locally. It brought our community together around a common goal and allowed to support one another along the way.

We hope that sense of support and community will remain. If it did, think how much we could improve our own community, even without the help of a web series.