Adyson Shortridge influenced by cousin to play sports

Published 9:31 pm Thursday, December 20, 2018

Eighth grader Adyson Shortridge has only only been playing volleyball for three years, but has been a consistent soccer player.

“My cousin has always played soccer,” she said. “He was really good at it so I thought I would give it a try. I picked up volleyball because my cousin and I were at the beach one day and we seen these girls playing volleyball. I also decided to give that a try.”

Shortridge admits if she could only choose one sport to play she would choose soccer.

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“I like running a lot,” she said. “I like sweating and having fun. Soccer has more movements than volleyball and keeps you more busy.”

Shortridge feels confident in setting and bumping.

She wants to continue working on her serve game.

Shortridge said her motivation to give it her 100 percent is her cousin.

“She played volleyball and was really good at serving,” she said. “She knew what she was doing and I have learned almost everything about volleyball from her. She motivates me to put what she has taught me to use.”

Shortridge loves to play defense in soccer.

“I love to block shots from going in the goal,” she said. “I love stealing the ball and stealing passes away.”

Shortridge is unsure if she wants to continue playing both sports in high school or if it is time for her to choose only one.

In order to be successful in either sport next year, Shortridge knows she needs to tighten up certain parts of her game.

“I am debating on what to do because they are during the same season,” she said. “For volleyball, I need to work on my serving and going after the ball. For soccer, I also need to work on going after the ball and having more confidence.”